launches a human-curated platform to help corporations find the most relevant startups

The company is building a worldwide agent network to search for interesting startup partnerships for corporations

Danish company launched its tech ecosystem matchmaking platform today at the Slush conference in Helsinki. The company has recruited 108 agents to attend this year’s event in an effort to recruit the most innovative startups into the Valuer platform.

The Valuer platform accelerates innovation and growth by helping corporations identify and work with startups. Valuer’s qualitative, journalistic approach to gathering information gives corporations access to curated, enriched content on a wide variety of startups.

“It’s like a massive network of human sensors around the globe to discover startup companies and innovation”, comments Dennis Poulsen, Valuer CEO.  “We have successfully been building our agent network and onboarding startups and corporate customers since the beginning of the year in Denmark. With the best startup talent from across the Nordics in attendance, and a significant number corporate representatives on-site, we decided that the Slush conference in Helsinki is the best place for us to build on that work,” he concluded.

More than 2500 agents have already registered on the platform, and information on 10,000 startups is currently available on Valuer. Several corporations have already joined the platform, with companies like Danske Bank and Microsoft using Valuer as part of their innovation and corporate development program.

‘’I think Valuer’s model with journalistic and human capital data is the best approach I have seen and it’s supporting Microsoft in picking the right startups and helping them build a bridge to the right partners’’, says Anette Nørgaard, Program Manager for Microsoft BizSpark.

Previous funding rounds have seen Valuer raise €1,5M just recently from Skype investor Morten Lund and VC Michael Moesgaard Andersen.


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CEO, Valuer
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About the company:

Founded in February 2017 in Denmark, Valuer’s mission is to matchmake startups with corporates to speed up startup growth and open corporates an access to innovative technology. Through a unique tracking and analytics method and a global community of tech scouts, Valuer hunts for new, emerging and promising startups. For more information, visit

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