Annual General Meeting of AB Sardus: Approval for continued share-repurchase program

Shareholders at the Annual General Meeting of AB Sardus on March 31, 2003 approved the proposal of the Board of Directors and the President that a dividend of SEK 4.50 (4.25) per share be paid for the fiscal year 2002. The record date for the dividend will be April 3 and the dividend is expected to be sent from VPC (Swedish Securities Register Center) on April 8. Board of Directors and auditors Elisabet Annell, Ulf Brasen, Ragnar Bringert, Raoul Hasselgren, Göran Havander, Rolf Lydahl and Lisbeth Sachs were reelected members of the Board of Directors. The KPMG Bohlins AB auditing firm was reelected to serve for four years. Share repurchase program The Meeting approved continuation of the share-repurchase program, comprising not more than 10 percent of the company's shares, during the period prior to the 2004 Annual General Meeting. Repurchases must be made on the stock exchange or through an offering directed to all shareholders. One of the purposes of the repurchase program is to make it possible to use company shares as partial payment in connection with acquisitions of companies. In 2002 and to date in 2003, 177,696 shares have been repurchased at an average price of SEK 75.64 per share. Stockholm, March 31, 2003 AB SARDUS (publ) The Board of Directors For additional information: Call President Ragnar Bringert, Mobile telephone: 070-593 62 73.