Redundancies at Charkdelikatesser

Halmstad, Sweden-based Charkdelikatesser Produktion AB, which is a member of the Sardus Group's Charkdelikatesser business unit, has announced 15 redundancies in its production department. Three salaried employees in the same business unit have also been given redundancy notices. Negotiations with the unions concerned are required by the Co-Determination at Work Act will start immediately. "The reasons for the redundancies in production are that manning levels have been reduced as a consequence of the investment of more than MSEK 30 in measures to improve productivity over the past few years, and changes we have made to the product range," explains Pelle Hjalmarsson, MD of Charkdelikatesser, "and the redundancies among the salaried personnel affect three positions involving the display of our products on the supermarket shelves, a function that has been partly taken over by the convenience goods chains themselves." Charkdelikatesser Produktion AB currently has 97 employees. The Charkdelikatesser business unit as a whole has just over 200 employees, and had a turnover of MSEK 466 in 2003. The unit reported a stable pattern of earnings for the first quarter of this year. For further information, contact: Pelle Hjalmarsson, MD, for information on Charkdelikatesser. Telephone: +46 35 17 26 50, mobile +46 708 75 18 51, or Ragnar Bringert, MD, for information on the Sardus Group. Telephone: +46 42 37 02 50, mobile +46 705 93 62 73