SAS Cargo launches WAP shipment tracking

SAS Cargo launches WAP shipment tracking When sending or receiving airfreight, it is no longer enough to know exactly when it is due to arrive. Often we want to know where in the world a specific shipment is right now, at any stage of transit, and at any time. Shipping status is vital information for all parties involved in a logistics chain. Accordingly, trace and tracking is often the most popular function on the websites operated by airfreight companies, and this is also the case for SAS Cargo. Around 20. 000 tracking sessions are currently made on each month. Now access to trace and tracking has become even more flexible. SAS Cargo's freight customers no longer need access to a computer to check the whereabouts of their shipments. If customers have an WAP-enabled mobile phone, they can simply make a connection and enter an airwaybill number, to obtain an instant status update. The new trace and tracking function can also be accessed with a palmtop computer or similar electronic personal organizer. To use SAS Cargo's new shipment trace and tracking function, customers require a mobile phone with WAP capability and an agreement with a network operator supporting WAP technology. They can then simply key in the SAS Cargo WAP address [] and their airwaybill number to obtain status updates. WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is an open standard allowing users of mobile phones and other hand-held devices to access web pages. The data content is transferred by WML (Wireless Mark-up Language), a programming format developed specifically to tailor information to fit the smaller screens of mobile phones. SAS Cargo is the leading company providing airfreight to, from and within Scandinavia. The company's Internet service is designed to provide step-by-step help for those buying freight transportation. The SAS Cargo website ensures that full details of SAS Cargo services are always are within a fingertip's reach. The website includes interactive timetable and shipment planning functions, a unique multi- tracking service that allows simultaneous tracking of up to 10 SAS Cargo and/or Lufthansa Cargo shipments, and of course, a vast amount of information about SAS Cargo and its services. Most recently, with SAS Cargo's entry into WAP technology, the company has taken another important step in optimizing its electronic communication with forwarding agents and professional airfreight customers, Peter Grønlund, Vice President and CEO, SAS Cargo, says and continues to simplify and improve is our culture in SAS. Further information: Lars Gurfeldt, Vice President SAS Cargo Commercial, Telephone: +46 8 797 235 Mobile: +46 (O) 7099 71235 Jens Nørgaard, Communication Manager, SAS Cargo, Telephone: +45 3232 6733 Mobile: +45 2322 6733 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: