New JMP® version reduces data drudgery

Improvements to data access, cleaning and analysis make discovery easier

The newest capabilities in JMP® statistical discovery software from SAS make it easier than ever for data analysts to access and prepare data – and to quickly share their discoveries. JMP Pro 12, the advanced analytics version of JMP, offers speed and interactivity improvements in nearly all modeling platforms. Both JMP 12 and JMP Pro 12 will be released March 24.

“JMP continues to amaze me. There are always new modeling techniques and tools to make my life as a data analyst easier, and JMP 12 is no exception,” said Dick De Veaux, C. Carlisle and Margaret Tippit Professor of Statistics at Williams College.

"Data analysts spend much of their time preparing data. Data preparation is easier, faster and more reliable with this new release," said John Sall, co-founder and Executive Vice President of SAS and head of SAS' JMP business unit. Sall launches JMP 12 on March 24 from Discovery Summit Europe in Brussels, Belgium. A recording of his speech, “Addressing the Challenges of Data Variety,” will be available for viewing March 25.

JMP 12 highlights

  • New Query Builder for repeatable, shareable queries – with no coding required.
  • New suite of utilities to speed data cleanup.
  • Drag-and-drop Visual Model Builder for creating and comparing models.
  • Expression column for storing images, JSL scripts, matricies and more in data tables.
  • Single-click export of JMP reports and graphs to PowerPoint for easier presentation creation.
  • Selection Filtering for using one graph to filter another.
  • Interactive HTML Bubble Plots and Profilers for sharing dynamic visualizations.
  • New analytical platforms, including Destructive Degradation, Process Capability, Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) and new Multiple Choice and Probability Profilers for Choice models.

JMP Pro 12 highlights

  • Capabilities for generating and analyzing covering arrays used in software, circuit and network design, and other areas where the cost of testing is high.
  • Updates to Reliability Block Diagram, an interactive canvas for designing and understanding the reliability of systems with many components.
  • PLS-DA (Discriminant Analysis) for fitting a PLS regression with a categorical response.
  • Improved speed and interactivity in Generalized Regression and Mixed Models, as well as in nearly all modeling platforms.

Customers love JMP 12 and JMP Pro 12

“JMP is the No. 1 tool in my market research toolkit that I use for analyzing consumer survey data, especially choice data. The Choice platform makes it very easy to do all three key stages of a choice study: design, estimation and analysis.”

-Walter R. Paczkowski, PhD, Data Analytics Corp. and Rutgers University

“I am particularly impressed by the new Destructive Degradation platform. With the slick interface, analysis of destructive degradation data will be remarkably simple, allowing useful inferences on both degradation metrics and failure-time metrics.”

-Bill Meeker, Professor of Statistics and Distinguished Professor, Iowa State University

“Teaching statistics with JMP is like playing music with a Stradivarius. So, it was a pity to switch to another software when we wanted to teach MCA. With the new MCA platform, there’s no need to change, and it’s a pleasure to play this new JMP."

-Yves Gueniffey, Assistant Professor, Director of Statistics' Teachings at The Ecole des Mines de Nancy, France

A fully functional 30-day trial of JMP is available free on the JMP website.

About JMP

SAS created JMP in 1989 to empower scientists and engineers to explore and analyze data visually. Since then, JMP has grown from a single product into a family of statistical discovery tools, each one tailored to meet specific needs. John Sall, SAS co-founder and Executive Vice President, heads the JMP business unit.

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