SAS Corporate Card - combined travel and payment card

SAS Corporate Card - combined travel and payment card SAS and Nordbanken Finans, member of the Nordea Group, have jointly developed a new multi-function card that will be launched in spring 2001. It will be possible to use the card as an electronic ticket and to make payments. The new card makes it easier to book and pay for trips. "With the SAS Corporate Card, most expenditures during a trip can be paid with the same card and then combined into a single travel expense statement," explains Erik Strand, Senior Vice President Marketing and Sales. SAS Group. "The air travel, regardless of airline and where purchased, is paid with a travel account and all other expenses that the traveler incurs are paid with the card. Through affiliation with MasterCard, the card will be valid at more than 19 million points of purchase worldwide." After the trip, the traveler's company receives all charges combined into a single invoice. In addition to the payment functions, SAS can integrate its electronic ticket products, E-ticket, Travel Pass and Travel Pass Corporate, into the new card. "The more electronic self-booking products we offer our customers, the greater the need becomes for direct payment methods," says Erik Strand. "With the SAS Corporate Card, we meet customer demand for increased flexibility." All purchases made with the SAS Corporate Card are collected into a travel account at the company and is invoiced thereafter. This also provides the company the possibility of tailoring statistics about the company's travel. The SAS Corporate Card is designed primarily for small and mid-size companies in Scandinavia and Finland. The launch will initially be in Sweden and Finland prior to summer 2001, and thereafter in Denmark and Norway. The goal is to capture a 20-30 percent share of the corporate card market in the Nordic region. For further information, contact: Erik Strand, Senior Vice President Marketing and Sales, SAS Group. +46 (0)8 797 24 24, mobile +46 (0)709 97 24 24. Ola Swahn, Card and Consumer Loans, Nordbanken Finans, +46 (0)8 787 66 93, mobile +46 (0)70 604 04 06, e-mail SAS CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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