SAS passengers provided electricity onboard to computers

SAS passengers provided electricity onboard to computers Beginning this September, passengers traveling with SAS can connect computers to an electricity outlet onboard rather than draining power from the computer's battery. It will also be possible to charge the computer battery during the flight so that it is fully loaded at the destination. SAS will offer this service on selected European and Intercontinental flights in Europe and the system will be available to 85 percent of the seats on the aircraft - to all seats in Business Class. An EMPower-approved air adapter is required to plug into the contact. The adapter is available for sale over the Internet. SAS customers can find information at the address, with a link to the supplier Targus, to purchase a Targus Universal Airplane, Auto and Boat adapter. The adapter is compatible with a 15-volt Hypertronic outlet can also be used in cars and boats. Initially, the adapter will not be for sale on the aircraft. SAS customers are perhaps the most habitual users of IT in the world. The ability to connect to electricity onboard and avoid draining the computer's battery is a service that many passengers have requested. "In this manner, we are underscoring SAS's goal - to continue to be first in offering customers good possibilities to work effectively onboard," says Johan Eriksson, Assistant Manager Communication Products & Services at SAS. SAS plans to equip more aircraft with the system and all of the new Airbus aircraft ordered by SAS will feature electric outlets for passenger computers. For additional information, contact: Johan Eriksson, Assistant Manager Communication Products & Services, +46 70 997 2237 SAS CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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