Scandinavian Airlines System´s Year 2000 Project

Scandinavian Airlines System´s Year 2000 Project SAS has had an intensive, proactive year 2000 project underway since 1996 to address every aspect of its operation so as to provide safe, uninterrupted service to customers on January 1, 2000, and beyond. [REMOVED GRAPHICS] In order to cover all parts of the year 2000 issue, the project has been divided into two sub-projects, IS/IT and non-IS/IT. [REMOVED GRAPHICS] - The IS/IT part is focused on all computer-based systems and is divided into three parts: applications, mainframes and distributed systems. The project's task is to ensure that all its computer programs are year 2000 compliant. Preventive measures are being taken to avoid equipment malfunctioning and an extensive analysis of all relevant machines and computer programs have been finalized. The risk analysis has identified critical areas that may be affected and has focused on matters and processes, which may be concerned. Detailed remedy plans, to the extent necessary, have been developed and are currently being implemented, often in close cooperation with the relevant suppliers. Internally developed software applications have been tested, modified and/or replaced. SAS has no doubt that these measures will prove sufficient to ensure that all necessary computer programs will be year 2000 compliant well in time before the change into year 2000. [REMOVED GRAPHICS] - For the non-IS/IT part, SAS internal programs assess and monitor all critical suppliers and aircraft equipment manufactures, to ensure safety of all flights. The airline industry (IATA) is currently reviewing the status of all air traffic control and airport facilities. The industry as such is devoting comprehensive resources to address all issues arising as a consequence of the change into year 2000. In order to minimize the effects of possible disturbances due to the year 2000 issue, SAS is currently finalizing contingency plans adapted for year 2000. [REMOVED GRAPHICS] On a final note, safety is the foremost goal of SAS´s operations. Each and every flight is always based on safety considerations and safety assessment. SAS will not operate any flight unless it is considered completely safe to fly. This priority will not change in the future, regardless of the event of the change into year 2000. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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