Strike at SAS Commuter Denmark

Strike at SAS Commuter Denmark The 156 cabin employees at SAS Commuter in Denmark will begin a strike at midnight today. The conflict will affect flights from Copenhagen to 18 cities, primarily in northern Germany, Poland and Sweden. Monday morning, all homebound flights for SAS Commuter will return to Copenhagen as scheduled. A number of the affected destinations are also operated by SAS, which is not affected by the strike. The strike only affects the SAS Commuter flights which depart from, and return to, Copenhagen, and some flights from Oslo to Gothenburg and vice versa. SAS Commuter is a consortium within the SAS Group, whose task is to operate regional air traffic in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. SAS Commuter operates with Fokker 50 and SAAB 2000 aircraft, both of which have 47 - 50 seats. The parties have been negotiating in two rounds with a negotiator. The demands that the Cabin Attendants Union posed would mean a cost increase for SAS Commuter at between nine and fifteen percent. Considering this, the parties have not been able to reach an agreement. SAS CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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