Satsafe and Sos Alarm sign co-operation agreement

SATSAFE AND SOS ALARM SIGN CO-OPERATION AGREEMENT Stockholm, Sweden 02/23/00- Swedish-based Satsafe MLS AB signed a co- operation agreement today with Swedish SOS Alarm, which implies that Satsafe will provide SOS Alarm with mobile security solutions for the enhancement of personal security. "Satsafe's unique GPS-GSM technology in combination with the SOS Alarm demonstrates the most efficient and accurate way of finding people when in danger," said Peter Hjorth, VP of International Business Development of Satsafe. VIP 2, Satsafe's personal security device is easily connected to a mobile phone. By utilizing the GPS functionality, a person in danger can immediately be located. The individual can through the VIP 2 signal SOS for immediate assistance. The information is accessible on SOS's digital map systems, and on the Internet anytime, anywhere, with a user name and password. The VIP 2 alarm is similar to the size of a common pager and can be easily hidden in a jacket pocket or purse. "We can now offer dramatically enhanced security for each individual carrying a Satsafe VIP 2 alarm," said Thomas Stenbäck, Manager of Business Development at SOS Alarm in Stockholm. "SOS Alarm is proud to be the first to use a system that symbolizes a whole new level of security for individuals." Swedish SOS Alarm is the only Swedish provider responsible for the emergency number 112 and for alerting the entire nation's emergency services, including the fire department, ambulance, the police department, environmental protection agency, coast guard, physician, priest, etc. About Satsafe: Satsafe MLS AB is a privately held, venture-funded company located in Stockholm, Sweden. The company is a leader in the development of mobile location services that maximize the time value of information by combining location-tracking technology with wireless transmission. For more information on Satsafe, visit the company Web site at About SOS Alarm: SOS Alarm has currently 800 employees. The organization focuses on alarm and action steering. The subsidiary, SOS Flight Ambulance, is active within long distance ambulance services by air. SOS was founded in 1973 and is a private company. SOS Alarm is owned by the Swedish Communications Department (50%), United Municipal corp. (25%) and the County Council organization (25%). Contact: Peter Hjorth Thomas Stenbäck Satsafe MLS AB SOS Alarm Tel: +46-8-545 878 03 Tel: +46 8-4073016 Tina Bjurfjell PR@Vantage Tel: +46-8-463 10 40 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: