Project Doctoral Candidates

Project Doctoral Candidates Scancem spends heavily in increased technical competence. During a five-year period Scancem invests approximately SEK 50 M in a doctoral candidates program. It will be conducted in cooperation with universities and technical institutes in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. The project is complementary to and a support for the long-term investment in R&D which the Group has operated during many decades. Five of the altogether 15 doctoral candidates have now been selected. The candidates and their doctoral projects were presented on September 17 at Scancem HQs in conjunction with the Group's annual R&D Day. The doctoral candidates' research work is directed towards product/process development in the area of mineral-based building materials. Parallel to this, the doctoral candidates will be employed in one of Scancem's business areas. By participating in an internal management program they will also gain the requirements necessary to work as managers in Scancem and the Group's international industrial operations. These are the first five research projects: Chemistry and performance of Portland cements. The project will be conducted at the Birchall Centre at the University of Keel, Staffordshire, United Kingdom. Doctoral candidate is Chanda Mungar and project leader Paul Livesey, Castle Cement. Determination of the significance of different process factors affecting the manufacture of plasterboard. The Department of Inorganic Chemistry 2 at the University of Lund, Sweden. Doctoral candidate is Cristell Solberg and project leader Christer Klasson, Gyproc Group. Quality characteristics of fine aggregates and controlling their effects in the end product. University of Technology in Helsinki, Finland. Doctoral candidate is Hanna Järvenpää and project leader Kaukko Linna, Lohja Rudus. Production of blended cements and consequences for fresh/young concrete properties. University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. Doctoral candidate is Tom I Fredvik and project leader Birger Søpler, Norcem. Non-shrinking inorganic binder systems. University of Lund, Sweden. Doctoral candidate is Cecilie Evju and project leader Rainer Ålgars, Optiroc Group. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: