All SAS flights are non-smoking

ALL SAS FLIGHTS ARE NON-SMOKING Starting today, September 1, all of SAS's flights are non-smoking. "Half a year ago we decided to introduce a non-smoking policy on our entire route network. Since then, we have made considerable efforts to inform the public so that it won't come as a big surprise," said Jan Olson, who is in charge of service and product development at SAS. A brochure written in four different languages informing about the new non-smoking policy has been produced and distributed to travel agencies, SAS offices and airports around the world. Back in 1988 SAS introduced non-smoking on all its Scandinavian domestic flights and within a year onto all flights between the Nordic countries. In June 1996, SAS services to most European destinations also became non-smoking. "We have chosen to introduce non-smoking in stages and our customer surveys show that an overwhelming majority prefers a totally smoke-free environment on board. Our surveys also show that as many as 60 per cent of our passengers who smoke accept the introduction of a non-smoking policy, and that frequent travelers are the ones who are most positive to non-smoking." "As the entire aircraft will be non-smoking we avoid the problems associated with passengers who do not get their wishes for a non-smoking or smoking seat. Check-in will be more efficient, too, and our cabin personnel will get a distinctly more pleasant working environment," Jan Olson pointed out. On all SAS flights, during a transition period, cabin attendants will offer nicotine chewing gum to those in need of a cigarette substitute. "However, experience from our non-smoking European flights tells us that the majority of smokers can cope with the situation without having to use substitutes. On the other hand maybe they will feel more relaxed when they know it is available. The need for substitutes may be more pronounced on long-haul flights, and on our services to Japan we will also offer a nicotine inhalator during a transition period. After a while we expect that our passengers will be familiar with our non- smoking policy and adapt to it," said Jan Olson. "More and more airlines are going non-smoking, although many still are making exceptions on certain routes. SAS's choice to be among the totally non-smoking airlines goes well in line with its goal of setting a good environmental example," he said. SAS CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS For further information: Jan Olson, Vice President Product & Service Development, tel. +468-797 2832 Anders Westerholm, Head, Inflight logistics, tel. +468-797 1592 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: