Around-the-world ticket with Star Alliance

AROUND-THE-WORLD TICKET WITH STAR ALLIANCE A round-the-world-ticket, valid for 600 destinations in 108 countries. This is the latest result of the Star Alliance cooperation. SAS, Lufthansa, Thai, United Air Canada and Varig (even though Varig will not formally join until October) have together created a Star Alliance 'Round the World Fare' which will soon be on sale in over 100 countries. "The ticket will be available in each country where one of the six airlines operates - all continents except Antarctica are represented," says Lennart Ericsson of SAS Revenue Management. The 'Round the World Fare' is divided into three price categories. The price is determined by what class the traveler chooses -- First Class (where available), Business Class or Tourist Class -- and according to distance travelled. A journey of up to 20,000 miles has the lowest fare; up to 32,000 miles increases the fare by 10-15 percent and travel up to 38,000 miles will cost around 20-25 percent above the lowest fare category. The fares will remain at the same level year-round, meaning there will not be any high or low season fare. Regardless of which fare category is chosen, the journey must begin and end in the same country and include a flight over both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. One may not, for example, fly over the Atlantic both on the outbound and inbound flights. Additional requirements are a minumum of three but a maximum of fifteen stops; and at least ten days interval between the first and the last flight. Frequent-flyer program members will receive bonus points that are valid on all of the alliance airlines. See some fare examples on following page. For further information: Lennart Ericsson, SAS Revenue Management, +46-8- 797 2169 SAS CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: