At the forefront of sustainability: Scania will deliver about 1,500 biodiesel trucks in 2014

The company's broad commitment to alternative fuels and sustainable development is now also becoming visible in the form of strong truck sales. In 2014 alone, Scania expects to deliver about 1,500 Euro 6 trucks in Europe that use one of the five engine models that can run on up to 100 percent biodiesel.

“The forecast indicates that this year we will produce and deliver about 1,500 Euro 6 trucks built for biodiesel operation,” says Christopher Podgorski, Senior Vice President Trucks at Scania. “This is a figure I'm very proud of, because it shows that our investment in alternative fuels is not only the most comprehensive in our industry, but also a resounding commercial success. This is a concrete measure of value for Scania's belief that a sustainable future is also a profitable future.”

Scania manufactures three different Euro 6 engines for pure biodiesel operation based on its modular system – 9-litre inline five-cylinder; 13-litre inline six-cylinder; and 16-litre V8). Together they provide a power range from 320 to 580 horsepower and a wide variety of customer needs and driving applications.

Biodiesel is perhaps the most popular alternative fuel among Europe hauliers today. It is easy to use, can be mixed with regular diesel when necessary, and at the same time often yields a CO2reduction of 65 per cent or more, depending on how the fuel is produced.

“The only environmental measures that count are those that are actually implemented,” emphasizes Magnus Höglund, Product Director, Distribution segment at Scania Trucks. “Thanks to the breadth of our product range, we deliver biodiesel trucks to a number of markets for a variety of applications. In fact, most go to long-haulage customers, a group that don’t generally have much to choose from when it comes to alternative fuels. The point is that they do not have to give anything up; they can buy well-equipped trucks and get all the driveability they are accustomed to from Scania, while radically reducing their carbon footprint.

In 2014 Scania expects to deliver most biodiesel trucks to markets such as Austria, Sweden and Germany, but interest is steadily growing as more markets become aware of the possibilities. One of the single largest purchases so far is the 50 long-haulage trucks bought by Swiss Coop, with the avowed aim of being carbon-neutral by 2023.

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