Scania launches new crash-zone concept for trucks

900 lives saved per year: Scania launches new crash-zone concept for trucks Scania's new deformable crash-zone for trucks has the potential of saving 900 lives per year on European roads. The 600-mm "bonnet" at the front is purpose-built to absorb energy in a frontal collision with a passenger car. The survivable collision speed is expected to rise from 56 to 90 km/h. Scania has elaborated the styling to test the reaction among truck buyers. Adjustments to the legislation could encourage truck operators to invest in safer trucks. On 8 October 2003, in conjunction with the third Scania Road Safety Conference in Brussels, Scania launched a new crash-zone concept intended to bring down fatalities in car-to-truck collisions by around 900 per year in the current EU countries. Shown as a scale model, the concept truck has a short "bonnet" with a structure that is designed to crumple and absorb as much energy as possible in a collision with a passenger car. Stiff and heavy components are thus banned from the nose section. "Changing the legislation to permit extra length and weight for trucks with a crash-zone would encourage truck operators to invest in increased protection for other road users," says Group Vice President Hasse Johansson, responsible for R&D at Scania. Scania has paid a great deal of attention to the styling of the concept truck. "Our challenge has been to combine Scania styling with crash compatibility. A truck operator who chooses to invest in additional safety would probably like to show it. A truck with a crash-zone must therefore look attractive to gain acceptance," concludes Mr Johansson. Two-thirds of car-to-truck collisions are frontal impacts and the vast majority of these because the car has veered to the wrong side of the road. Around 4,000 persons are killed annually in such collisions in the European Union. For illustrations, see For further information, please contact Magnus Hahn, Senior Vice President Business Communications, tel. +46 8 55383510. For free B-roll/video content about Scania's crash concept, please log onto to preview and request video. You can receive broadcast-standard video digitally, by tape or satellite via the APTN Global Video Wire from this site. Registration and video on the site is free to the media. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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