Appspotr leaves an update for progress in Appspotr Asia

Novel Unicorns that drives the sales and negotiations with partners for Appspotr, have updated Appspotr about the current situation for Appspotr Asia and the way forward. With the target group SaaS companies defined and the developer portal in place, there are good reasons to look positively on Appspotr’s future in Asia.

Appspotr recently launched their developer portal with an SDK (Software Developer Kit) based in React Native. The first projects together have now begun with Chinese partners who are receiving their first training from Appspotr’s product team now in June. In a few months, some of them will have made integrations with their SaaS services and can start to deliver apps based on Appspotr to their customers. 

”Our original schedule for commencing sales in Appspotr Asia from the summer of 2017 has proved a bit too optimistic. When we last year identified SaaS companies as good target group, the developer portal became a prerequisite for doing business. With everything now being in place, it’s natural to that revenues will be visible in a few months”, says Dave Wu, managing partner of Novel Unicorn.

Three partner deals have already been signed – with iReserve, Yuxin and EZ Cloud – and Novel Unicorn is working hard to tie more partners and resellers to Appspotr Asia. Based on the three existing partner deals, Novel Unicorn thinks it’s possible to reach milestone 3, which is 108 MSEK in yearly recurring license revenues, by fall 2019, when the contract with Appspotr expires. With more partners added, it might be possible to also reach milestone 4 and 5.

”Appspotr’s platform and ecosystem, that is now complete with the addition of the developer portal, is very impressive. It’s a fantastic product and an amazing business model and in our view, Appspotr now is the premier global app development platform. We are as convinced now, as we were in the summer of 2017 when we invested in Appspotr, that we will establish Appspotr in the Asian markets. We have not deviated an inch in our conviction of this”, says Dave Wu.

In addition to running the sales operation in Appspotr Asia, Novel Unicorn is also in discussions with strategic investors that show interest to invest in Appspotr AB. Appspotr has no more information about the these discussions with strategic investors at this moment.

Comments from Appspotr’s CEO Patric Bottne and chairman Peter Wendel:

”It’s almost been a year since we and Novel Unicorn started our push in China and Asia. We have both done and learned a lot during that time. And based on what we have put in place in terms of partner deals and the platform with its developer portal, we have good reasons to be excited about the future”, says CEO Patric Bottne. 

”We are very proud of the platform we have built and very happy to have partner like Novel Unicorn who shares our view about the strategic possibilities it entails”, says chairman Peter Wendel.

Patric Bottne, CEO, Appspotr AB 

Phone: +46 701 46 61 89 



About Appspotr AB

Appspotr makes it easy for individuals and businesses to create native apps online, without pre-programming skills. The user builds the app using pre-programmed modules, custom design and content, and then publishes it in any app store. At the same time, Appspotr offer developers an opportunity to earn money from creating the modules used. Appspotr has 12 employees and is based in Gothenburg.

About Appspotr Asia
Appspotr Asia is a subsidiary jointly owned by Appspotr AB (49%) and Novel Unicorn (51%). See the press release on the Chinese joint venture from 29 May 2017 for more information.

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