Biora€s Japanese distributor signs agreement to broaden marketing efforts

Biora's Japanese distributor signs agreement to broaden marketing efforts Malmö, Sweden, December 10, 1998 - Biora AB (Nasdaq: BIORY, SSE: BIOR) today announced that its distributor in Japan, Seikagaku Corporation, has entered into an agreement with the Japanese company Yoshida Dental Trade Distribution Co, the second largest distributor of dental products in Japan, to broaden Emdogain's penetration of the Japanese market. Yoshida will be responsible for delivery of Biora's products to their Japanese customers. "The co-operation with Yoshida will assist in increasing our geographical penetration of the market" stated Seikagaku's Chief Executive Officer Shirow Enoki. "Yoshida covers all of Japan and will be marketing Biora's products jointly with the Biora-division of Seikagaku." Biora's main product, Emdogain, was approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare in January 1998 and launched at a conference for Japanese periodontists in April 1998. Before the launch Seikagaku ordered Emdogain for SEK 2,2 million and at the end of the third quarter Biora delivered additional products for SEK 0,9 million to Seikagaku. There are approximately 80,000 dentists in Japan. Seikagaku has chosen to concentrate its marketing on approximately 1,500 specialists. According to Seikagaku, 620 periodontists and general dentists had bought Emdogain through September 30 1998, of whom 120 had purchased the product more than once. Biora develops, manufactures and sells products for the treatment of periodontal disease and for use in oral surgery. Using its proprietary technology and expertise, Biora aims to become a world leader in biology-based products for specialized dental therapy. Biora's American Depositary Shares are listed on the Nasdaq National Market in the US and Biora's ordinary shares are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in Sweden. This press release may contain certain forward-looking statements that relate to future events or future business and financial performance. Such statements can only be predictions and the actual events or results may differ from those discussed. The Company cautions that these statements are subject to important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied in such forward-looking statements and are more fully discussed in periodic reports filed with Securities and Exchange Commission. Biora AB Tel: +46 40 32 13 65 Tel: + 46 40 32 13 33 Tel: +46 40 70 66 22 870 Tomas Hammargren Mikael Sjöblom President and Chief Corporate Executive Officer Communications ------------------------------------------------------------ Mer information finns att få på Följande filer finns att ladda ned:

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