Bricknode lanserar som backbone inom FinTech

Bricknode ( expanderar sin position som primär backbone tjänst för företag inom finansiell teknologi (FinTech) globalt. Idag lanserar Bricknode hemsidan ( för att samla dessa tjänster.

Bricknode develops and offers a back end for FinTech and financial service companies covering a range of financial back office related activities and can act as a core for building applications for client facing services. is a website that gathers some of the services that are offered by Bricknode Financial Systems (BFS) and targeted towards FinTech companies and financial institutions that want to build their own customer facing services.

“We have noticed a lot of demand for our back office and back end technology from companies who need quick time to market to get their service launched. With BFS as your back end you can launch anything from a crowd funding application online to a mobile app for investment services, trading or money management.

At we are also launching a marketplace where current and future customers can find consultants and 3rd party developers for helping them build their technology on top of BFS or help with configuration and business process creation.

We are building a community around our API where customers and developers can gather to exchange information and needs. We are constantly adding new add on services from our partners and we can now act as a distribution channel for external developers who build specialised applications that connects to BFS.” said Stefan Willebrand, Executive Chairman of Bricknode.

Bricknode AB
Stefan Willebrand, Executive Chairman 

Bricknode är ett ungt innovativt företag som fokuserar på finansiell mjukvara. Vi ska möjliggöra för våra kunder att leverera de bästa finansiella produkterna till sina kunder och partners på ett så effektivt sätt som möjligt.

Bricknode Financial Systems är ett molnbaserat affärssystem vilket gör det möjligt för värdepappersbolag och andra finansiella institutioner att etablera sig online och deltaga i Bricknodes nätverk och ekosystem. Bricknode är ett backbone inom FinTech.


Om oss

The financial industry is currently going through the most significant change since mutual funds were introduced. Financial Technology (FinTech) innovations are adding services that focus on usability and value. Bricknode is part of that revolution. But we have one more objective: Putting the Fun in Finance. Our FinTech Ecosystem provides operators in the financial industry with a hassle free environment, where they can meet and create value for each other and for their customers.




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