Intense Fair week for CashGuard

Last week was an intense but fun week for the CashGuard team. At fairs in four different countries we showed retailers how their business can benefit from starting with Cash Management.

In Sweden the focus was on bakeries exhibiting at Sveriges Bageri & Konditorimässa. With a fun and unexpected stand we met a lot of bakers who felt they spend too much time counting money instead of baking pastries and managing their business.

At the Food & Hospitality fair in Ireland our focus was on increasing the security in the retail and hospitality sector. Here we had the opportunity to engage with existing customers, to re-present for prospects who had previously looked at CashGuard and who re-iterated their interest as well as presenting to a couple of new prospects in the retail market. It also gave us an opportunity to discuss market trends/status with other suppliers and exhibitors which is always educational.

In Germany we exhibited the Expopharm meeting pharmacists who wanted to increase their customer service. Here we also showcased our brand new pharmacy counter from Pan Oston which was received very well.

At the Equipmag the theme was on innovations and trends in the retail business, a theme well suited for us leading to a lot of good discussions and connections. “The fair gave us many new connections where from several are ‘Big Fish’ in the retail sector,” said Laurent Jamin, CashGuard country manager for France.

We would like to thank all our visitors for good discussions giving us insights in your cash problems. We look forward meeting many of you soon again taking the discussions further.  

For more information, Contact Catrine Johansson CashGuard VP marketing
Phone: +46 72 222 9011

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