DYRBERG/KERN to launch Orion – a collection in Sterling Silver

At Christmas 2016 you will find a new range of Sterling silver styles in the DYRBERG/KERN assortment. The sterling silver collection – ORION – is complementary to the seasonal collections that DYRBERG/KERN is otherwise known for. Collections created from various trends interpreted from society, culture and fashion.

The SILVER collection is therefore an expansion of the product development strategy where focus is put on prolonging the lifespan of each piece – SILVER should transcend the season- and fashion based collections, and be side by side with our concept collections such as Compliments, the watch collection and our Men’s collection.

ORION is made from 925 Sterling Silver and for some pieces, plated with 18 carat gold with cubic zirconia and cabochon cut gemstones like rose quartz, carneol, grey opals and black onyx.

As the title implies, the inspirational aesthetics behind the collection are the round, organic forms of celestial planets, which is expressed through the design and even more specifically through the decision to;

have this collection communicate a natural, clean and organic feeling – both through the design, the material and the purpose in itself. It doesn’t get more intimate than wearing a piece of jewellery, and it becomes increasingly important when it comes to jewellery you wear every day. They have to feel like a natural and integrated part of you and at the same time express a certain personality and style. It is this special feeling of innate meaning we want the SILVER collection to give”, Henning Kern, Founder, CEO and Creative Director.

Orion differs design wise from DYRBERG/KERNs seasonal collections. It consists of delicate and elegant pieces – mostly earrings and fine rings but also necklaces and bracelets. The collection is appealing to many, they are miniature editions of the DYRBERG/KERN signature jewellery but with a light, young feeling. You can wear them close to your body every day - whether you are on your way to work or going out. In short – pieces you wear all day, every day in your active life.

With the new SILVER collection DYRBERG/KERN appeals to a new consumer and through this expand the present target group at the same time as investing in expanding the already existing costumers’ consumer pattern:

We experience a growing demand on design in precious metals with the specific DNA and aesthetics that DYRBERG/KERN is renowned for. It is therefore the right time to invest in both our existing customers and in the great potential that lies in pursuing new customers. The SILVER collection is thus a step in a long-term strategy. A strategy that we look forward to see executed in all our markets”, Kern elaborates.

The collection will be available online and in selected stores from November and will have price points on ear posts from SEK 499 – 1699 for larger bracelets. 

For more info, packs or other, please feel free to contact Brand Advisor Madeleine EK at madeleine@ekpr.com   

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