The Kontrast Collection by E.Leijon

Following on from her first collection, Nordic Stories, Emelie Leijon presents Kontrast. Where Nordic Stories explored the delicate relationship between nature and the manmade world, and examines the points where the two intersect harmoniously, Kontrast takes a more minimalist approach to contrasts.

Comprising three stories, Kontrast is made up of a ceramic collection, stunning
organic linens, and a collaboratively designed tray, inspired by a traditional svepask.

Each area of the collection plays with the idea of opposites – a gloss finish
married with a matte finish, a smooth surface sitting next to a more textured surface,
curved and straight lines working together, and warm and cold colours juxtaposing

Emelie has chosen her manufacturers based on the high quality of their work, their dedication to their respective crafts, and their ability to see her vision through to the final product.

Her passion and innate understanding of her material is reflected in the Kontrast collection; a timeless, subtle addition to any well-furnished home.



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