Om oss

Joe Labero began his career when he was twelve years old and got a magic box of his parents. 1978 came Joe, who then called himself Magino, with the Swedish Magic Circle. In 1980 he placed first in the Swedish junior championship and won. The big breakthrough came when Joe Labero 1991, bring up the 'A Magic Night’ at Berns salons in Stockholm. This production was praised in the press and it became a huge success. Queues for tickets were long and remained so for the 657 performances that followed. 1996, Joe Labero sat up the show ’Mystique’ at the Conrad Jupiter Casino, located at The Gold Coast. Following this, Joe Labero had time to set up several major shows around the world and in between had time to act for Bill Clinton, Sven-Goran Eriksson, Princess Victoria, and others. For more information, look at