Landskrona Foto presents the new artistic leadership for Landskrona Foto Festival 2016

Landskrona Foto are very pleased to present the new artistic directors for the festival. 2016 is the fourth year the festival is arranged and once more it will take place over ten days. This year’s festival will take place on the 19th — 28th of August.

The new artistic direction is comprised of the internationally renowned curator and well established author Christian Caujolle and the Landskrona born photographer, teacher and gallery owner Jenny Nordquist.

With this arrangement of the artistic direction team, Landskrona Foto Festival strengthens the objective of presenting international photographers who have played a large role in photography’s development, along with young and innovative Nordic photography. The choice of this leadership follows the alignment Landskrona Foto’s Advisory Board has determined for the coming years, namely to engage internationally established curators, who bear a deep knowledge of developmental trends on the international level, with younger Nordic curators, who are knowledgeable and perceptive of what is developing and interesting within the region.

Christian Caujolle and Jenny Nordquist supersede Thomas H Johnsson and JH Engström, who have led artistic direction 2013 — 2015’s festival. 

“The new leadership is a logical next step on the foundation Thomas and JH have set. At the same time, it broadens the scope of content and form of the festival and emphasizes the international nature of the festival so as to develop into a stronger venue for both Nordic professional photography and for the public art interest,” states Göran Nyström, Director for Landskrona Foto.

Christian Caujolle founded Agence VU in Paris, 1986, and shortly thereafter Gallerie VU. He has been artistic director for a number of photo festivals in France and Spain including those in Arles, Sète, Madrid, and Getxo. In 2008 he initiated Photo Phnom Penh Festival in Cambodia, which he continues to direct. He has a far-reaching publicity operation within photography and has contributed greatly in presenting Swedish photographers such as Christer Strömholm and Anders Petersen to the international stage. Alongside curation for festivals and exhibitions, he lectures at Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière, in Paris.

Jenny Nordquist, photographer, has received formal education from Goldsmiths University and London College of Communication. She has shown at many solo and group exhibitions in the Nordic countries, England, Germany, and Holland. She is responsible for Östra Grevie Community College’s artistic programs and runs the gallery Kontor in Copenhagen, where she currently resides.

During Landskrona Foto Festival 2013 she exhibited her Series The Shoreditch Triangle. In 1998 she received Landskrona City’s Cultural Scholarship and this new position is said to complete the circle.

In anticipation of Landskrona Foto Festival, the two curators have shared their thoughts on the program:

Christian Caujolle

I attended the two last editions of Landskrona Foto Festival because I was attracted by the quality of the program and because close friends were involved or were exhibiting. I discovered a city whose size is perfect for a festival, small enough to permit walking from venue to venue, with a great diversity of spaces and with real possibilities of meeting, including on the street. The challenges are clear: to make Landskrona the City of Photography in Scandinavia, to continue and increase the international dimension at a high level of quality and to involve as many people as possible locally.

One of the points would be for me to increase the outdoor exhibitions, in the public space. Both for attracting the largest audience and to guide it to the other exhibitions and events. Another point would be to see what’s possible, through associations, groups of people, small or big structures to have as many people as possible involved or concerned with the festival.

For me a festival is not just an event. It has to be a moment of discovery and a possibility of sharing. For artists, for professionals, but also for the general public, for citizens. I would like to insist on the fact that a festival, including if it’s not in a formal way, has to be conceived as part of an educational process. Knowing better about photography and image today, learning better how to “read”, understand, question images and photography is for me one of the most important challenges. Especially today, when billions of images are produced and circulate at every moment all around the world. If not, we will all become blind. And we can be, at any moment, manipulated through uses of images.

Jenny Nordquist

Taking part in developing my beloved hometown Landskrona into Sweden’s City of Photography is an immensely exciting challenge and a big responsibility. While the festival grows, it is important that it remains an intimate venue where photographic works of the highest quality are shown. It is a privilege to be working with such an experienced and renowned curator as the festival’s new artistic director Christian Caujolle.

I look forward to creating a festival where the audience can experience what an exciting and innovative era photography is currently in, where artists continually broaden the idea of what photography is rather than isolating it. The festival can contribute to a dialogue about how we define the photographic media in a time when the camera’s traditional form is in constant change and where new photographic works challenge two-dimensional form and illustrative formation.

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