LEAF enters chocolate segment with Malaco Choco

LEAF launches Malaco Choco, a new concept within the chocolate segment. Malaco Choco will be sold in Finland (under the brand name TV Mix Choco), Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Today, LEAF is only present in the chocolate segment in Finland with Tupla and in Italy with seasonal products. With the new Malaco Choco concept, LEAF takes a strong step into the chocolate territory.

“I am very exited about this new concept. Malaco has been a long-time favourite in the Nordic countries. We are now able to offer our consumers an enhanced taste experience by adding chocolate,” says Ewald Frenay, CMO at LEAF.

By launching this new concept, LEAF provides a wider variety to other chocolate bags already present on the market.

Malaco Choco will be sold in three variants, Crunchy, Favourite and Candy. This will offer the consumers a mix of candy and chocolate.


LEAF is a leading confectionary company with focus on candy, gum and pastilles. LEAF has a leading position in the Nordic countries, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. In total, LEAF products are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. LEAF owns some of the strongest brands on the market, e.g. Läkerol, Jenkki, Malaco, Sportlife, Saila, Red Band, Venco, Sperlari, Mynthon and Ahlgrens Bilar, all of them with local heritage. In 2010, LEAF had sales of approximately €525m and 2,400 employees in 12 countries. The company has 11 factories in 7 countries. LEAF is owned by CVC Capital, Nordic Capital and Management. For more information, visit www.leaf.eu

Om oss

LEAF är ett ledand konfektyrföretag med fokus på godis, tuggummi och pastiller. LEAF är marknadsledare i Norden, Holland, Belgien och Italien. Sammantaget säljs LEAFs produkter i fler än 50 länder. LEAF har några av de starkaste varumärkena på marknaden, till exempel Läkerol, Jenkki, Malaco, Sportlife, Saila, Red Band, Venco, Sperlari, Mynthon och Ahlgrens Bilar, alla med ett lokalt ursprung. 2010 hade LEAF en försäljning på cirka 525 miljoner euro och 2.400 antsällda i 12 länder. Företaget har 11 fabriker i 7 länder. LEAF ägs av CVC Capital, Nordic Capital och ledningen. För mer information, besök www.leaf.eu


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