Neonet enhances its global latency management further

Neonet, the global provider of execution services and trading technology, today announced that it will start to deploy CorvilNet 5.1 for latency management. This will provide an even more efficient IT infrastructure for Neonet’s clients. Neonet plans to deploy the software in multiple locations including Stockholm, London, New Jersey and Frankfurt.

“Maintaining a low-latency trading infrastructure is essential for driving our electronic execution business,” said Neonet CEO and President, Simon Nathanson. “The velocity of Neonet’s direct market access, algorithmic, smart order routing and real time market data services must continuously operate at peak, ultra low-latency performance levels, and will now have a strong catalyst in CorvilNet 5.1. Our focus is to provide our clients with an even more efficient service. “ CorvilNet monitors, analyzes and optimizes electronic trading and market data applications against ultra-low latency objectives. Key enhancements of CorvilNet 5.1 include latency measurement of messages (e.g. FIX) that provide a deeper and more sophisticated view of trading infrastructure performance. A new detection feature monitors market data feed quality and pinpoints inconsistencies. “Latency management is a category breakthrough, and CorvilNet was a first in pioneering this emerging segment that extends beyond ad hoc latency measurements to include both microsecond application service level monitoring together with real time infrastructure analytics for streamlined, low-latency trading,” said Corvil CEO, Donal Byrne. “CorvilNet 5.1 raises the bar for latency management systems with the integration of a host of new powerful features and performance improvements and the Neonet win underscores this value proposition.” As of June, Neonet is part of Corvil’s global client base of leading incumbent exchanges, alternative trading platforms, agency brokers and market service providers.

Om oss

Neonet erbjuder professionella marknadsaktörer flexibla, oberoende och transparanta exekveringstjänster. Neonets tjänster bygger på avancerade mjukvarulösningar med integrerade verktyg som omfattar algoritmisk handel, avancerad orderfördelning mellan alternativa marknadsplatser, marknadsdata samt en bemannad tjänst för hantering av ordrar och support. Neonet bedriver ingen egenhandel eller andra finansiella aktiviteter som skulle kunna medföra intressekonflikter. Neonets kunder finns i över 20 länder och inkluderar banker, mäklarfirmor, institutionella placerare och hedgefonder. Neonet är en del av Orc Group. Orc Group ägs av Nordic Capital Fund VII. Mer information finns på


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