Nikon puts the camera in the centre of the ecosystem of personal devices with new SnapBridge connectivity

Stockholm, January 5th 2015: Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of SnapBridge via Bluetooth low energy – a breakthrough innovation offering always-on wireless connectivity with smart devices. Nikon unveiled this progressive software at CES® 2016, as part of its innovation roadmap.

Building on Nikon’s heritage of pushing the envelope for innovation in the imaging field, this move raises the bar yet again because the Bluetooth-powered connectivity of SnapBridge is seamless, energy efficient and provides photographers with a wealth of convenient, connected services.

This technology signals Nikon’s focus on building up innovations in the software area, establishing the camera as part of the ecosystem of personal devices. SnapBridge will be a standard feature in almost every Nikon camera from 2016 onwards.

“Images are very much at the centre of communication and the camera should be as well. Our SnapBridge innovation connects Nikon cameras to personal devices for constant communication. That is what it truly means to create a universal language of photography,” said Tadashi Nakayama, Corporate Vice President, Sector Manager of Marketing Sector, Imaging Business Unit, Nikon Corporation.

SnapBridge via Bluetooth low energy enables the continuous and immediate transfer of images from the camera to a smart device as they are captured in real time, transforming photography into a social, connected experience. This is achieved automatically without the need to activate image transfer from the camera, while also keeping power consumption low for both devices. Users can also continue to enjoy mobile internet connectivity during image transfer, allowing them to check their e-mail or access social media while syncing their photographs.

The pairing of Nikon cameras and smart devices begins with the SnapBridge application, available for iOS and Android TM on Apple AppStoreSM and GooglePlayTM*.

*App will be downloadable directly from the Nikon website in China.

Primary features of SnapBridge application

Simple, intuitive setup to pair with smart devices
SnapBridge-integrated Nikon models can be constantly connected to a smart device* once the mobile application is installed. For convenience, the connection only needs to be configured once, unlike previous Wi-Fi® transfer applications, which require new set-up each time the user’s device is connected. SSID and password set-up that is usually required when connecting for the first time is no longer necessary. Up to five smart devices can be paired with the camera.

*Compatible iPhone® and /or iPad® or smart devices running on the AndroidTM operating system.

Automatic synchronization of location and time information
The SnapBridge application takes the location and time information of the user’s smart device and automatically synchronizes the camera’s to it, removing the need to manually change dates and location information of the camera when traveling abroad. Users can start shooting immediately upon arrival without having to worry about inaccurate location and time settings that will be reflected in their image data.

Seamless transfer of pictures, even during shooting
Photographers can toggle between the option to transfer images automatically during or after shooting in their camera menu. The camera intuitively switches from Bluetooth low energy to Bluetooth to transfer the data even when the camera is turned off. Images are transferred to smart devices as 2-MP (Full HD) images in JPEG format. Original JPEG pictures can be also transferred.

Embedding of credit information
Credit information can be embedded into the image conveniently using the SnapBridge application. Users can select up to two types of information, from copyright and image information, to additional texts and logos, to be placed in the image for personal image protection and identification.

Remote control functions during shooting
The SnapBridge application’s remote shooting* function allows users to confirm through-the-lens images on a smart device screen in real time before releasing the shutter via the application. Additionally, zoom control and the camera’s self-timer can also be controlled via smartphone, offering many possibilities and greater freedom during shooting.

*Remote shooting is possible only with cameras that have Wi-Fi installed.

Seamless sharing to social media and NIKON IMAGE SPACE
Seamless sharing to social media applications is supported by SnapBridge. With a registered Nikon ID, Nikon users receive unlimited online storage for 2-MP images on NIKON IMAGE SPACE. Images transferred to smart devices in the 2-MP format can be configured to upload automatically to their NIKON IMAGE SPACE account from the SnapBridge application.

Irena Strozyk, marknadskoordinator på Nikon, tel: 070- 995 58 25 eller e-post:  
Lars Pettersson, produktspecialist på Nikon, tel: 08-594 109 12 eller e-post:

Nikon grundades i Japan år 1917 och är världsledande inom digital optik och precisionsoptik. Nikon finns i dag representerat över hela världen med sina prisbelönta produktserier, bland annat digitala SLR-kameror, utbytbara NIKKOR-objektiv och kompaktkameror under varumärket COOLPIX. Nikon är det enda större optikföretaget som fortfarande sköter alla delar av sin glastillverkning – för att kunna finjustera objektivens specifikationer, kvalitet och prestanda. Likaså är Nikon är den enda tillverkaren som har behållit sitt ursprungliga objektivsystem under femtio års tid. Övriga produkter i Nikons sortiment är Sport Optics som inkluderar kikare, avståndsmätare,och fältkikare, samt oftalmisk utrustning, mätinstrument. IC- och LCD-steppers, skannrar, mikroskop och halvledarkomponenter. Nikon Corporation är noterat på Tokyobörsen.


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