OmniCar enters the Swedish market

There is so much demand for OmniCar’s digital solution for car dealers and car dealerships that the IT company has now accelerated its planned move into Sweden, says OmniCar’s CEO Claus T. Hansen.

“We have already arranged meetings with a number of leading car dealers and chains in Sweden, all of whom have shown considerable interest in our solutions. We therefore believe that the time is right to go into Sweden,” says Claus T. Hansen.

From the outset, OmniCar announced that it has global ambitions regarding the sale of the company's special software solution SAM (Service Agreement Manager). SAM is a digital tool designed to automatically handle additional sales and service agreements. SAM provides a range of self-service features that help dealers to handle and sell far more service agreements than before.

“We have already prepared a Swedish version of SAM and have been actively penetrating the Swedish market this June. We have some meetings set up with some of the leading dealers and chains in Sweden,” says Claus T. Hansen, who reports that OmniCar has appointed Country Sales Manager Frederik Norstrôm as the sales manager for the Swedish market.

Frederik Norstrôm has many years of experience in the Swedish motor industry. He has, for example, worked for Auto Concept which provides insurance for the motor industry.

“Our SAM solution is now fully operational in Swedish. We are confident that we will have the same appeal in Sweden in the coming months as we have had in Denmark,” says Claus T. Hansen.

Frederik Norstrôm is also looking forward to getting started.

“I have worked in the Swedish car industry for over 15 years, and I am proud to be involved in this venture. I know that dealers and workshops have been looking for a solution for handling service agreements, and I look forward finally to being able to take up this challenge for the motor industry in Sweden,” says Frederik Norstrôm.

Since its foundation in early 2016, OmniCar has attracted a lot of attention from the motor industry. The company was listed on Spotlight Stock Market (former AktieTorget) in July 2017.

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The IT company OmniCar has developed a special software solution, SAM (Service Agreement Manager), for workshops and car dealerships. SAM is a digital tool that is designed to enable automated management of additional sales and service agreements. SAM helps workshops and car dealerships manage and sell far more service agreements than they could before thanks to tailormade supplementary services and subscription­based services which follow an individual car from cradle to grave.

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