Omnicar Holding AB announces appointment of VP of Sales

We are pleased to announce that with effect from 1st of  March 2018, Tom Due Andersen is appointed as VP of Sales.

Tom Due Andersen brings an extensive commercial experience from the auto industry, where he has been working as an Executive during the past 13 years. Previously, he has been working for Ebay Motors, where he has been a major stakeholder in the company’s success in Denmark.

Prior to Ebay Motors, Tom Due Andersen worked for ALD Automotive and Nordea Fleet.

Tom Due Andersen,  says: “I have been following Omnicar since the successful listing to where the company is today. I am very impressed with Omnicar’s service agreement management solution and I am proud of becoming a part of Omnicar, and be able to contribute to Omnicar’s great ambitions and global journey.

Claus T. Hansen, CEO OmniCar Holding AB says: “Tom Due Andersen has 13 years of experience from the auto industry and a very successful track record. I am very pleased to welcome Tom Due Andersen to Omnicar and I am very confident, that Tom Due Andersen will become a major stakeholder in reaching our overall target of 10.000 customers in 2020 ”

For more information about OmniCar AB, please contact 

Claus T. Hansen, CEO
OmniCar Holding AB

Telephone: +44 7517 087709 

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OmniCar Holding AB (559113-3987) OmniCar is a 100% ‘plug-and-play’ online solution. No more time-consuming management and manual invoicing. OmniCar allows you to manage your service agreements digitally with a layout that is fully customised to meet your business’s individual requirements and specifications. You save time and administrative resources thanks to the automated system management of all processes. 

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