Stig Jensen resigns from the board

Stig Jensen has decided to resign from the Board of Omnicar Holding AB due to personal reasons.

Omnicar Holding AB appoints new Board member within 2 months.

For more information about this issue, please contact:

Jens Aaløse
Chairman of the board

Telephone: +45 20 20 20 72

Om OmniCar Holding AB 
OmniCar Holding AB (559113-3987) OmniCar is a 100% ‘plug-and-play’ online solution. No more time-consuming management and manual invoicing. OmniCar allows you to manage your service agreements digitally with a layout that is fully customised to meet your business’s individual requirements and specifications. You save time and administrative resources thanks to the automated system management of all processes.

Om oss

OmniCars affärsidé är att utveckla en teknologiplattform för bilbranschen. Teknologiplattformen består av en molnlösning vilken bilimportörer, bilåterförsäljare och verkstäder kan köpa licenser till. Vidare arbetar Bolaget med onlinemarknadsföring och hemsideoptimering inom bilbranschen


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