Strongest July ever at the Nordic Exchange

Summer trading on the Nordic Exchange has been very strong. In July the average daily share trading increased by 67 percent compared to last year, amounting to SEK 43.5 billion (July 2006: 26.2 billion) and the number of trades increased by 85 percent compared to last year, amounting to 173,250 trades per day (July 2006: 93,470 trades per day). In July, 7 new companies have been welcomed to the Nordic Exchange, which now encompasses a total of 840 companies.

Industrials most traded sector
The most traded sector in July was Industrials, with a turnover of SEK 240.4 billion (June 2007: SEK 245.6 billion) followed by Information Technology with a turnover of SEK 201.1 billion (June 2007: SEK 219.8 billion).

Trading in July
The value of average daily share trading amounted to SEK 43.5 billion, as compared to SEK 44.3 billion during the past 12-month period. The average number of trades per business day amounted to 173,250, as compared to 156,161 during the past 12-month period. The average daily trading volume in Swedish, Finnish and Danish equity and fixed-income derivative products amounted to 523,615 contracts, as compared to 612,956 contracts during the past 12-month period.

Most traded companies this month
Large Cap Daily turnover, MSEK
Nokia Oyj 5 176
Ericsson Telefonab LM 3 389
Actavis Group hf. 1 541
Mid Cap
Tanganyika Oil Corp. 70
Telelogic AB 54
Keops A/S 48
Small Cap
Karo Bio AB 16
Dantherm 15
Opcon AB 7
First North
Century Aluminum 15

Most active members this month
Large Cap Market share
by turnover
Morgan Stanley 7.06%
SEB Enskilda AB 5.62%
Glitnir AB 5.28%
Mid Cap
SEB Enskilda AB 11.99%
Sv. Handelsbanken AB 4.92%
Danske Bank A/S 4.35%
Small Cap
Nordnet AB 9.58%
Avanza AB 8.65%
Danske Bank A/S 6.43%
First North
Avanza AB 14.51%

Market development this month
Index Monthly change YTD Index Monthly change YTD
OMXN40 -0.2% +11.6% Industrials +1.7% +27.6%
OMXN Large Cap +0.2% +12.1% Consumer Disc. -1.7% +9.5%
OMXN Mid Cap -0.3% + 8.3% Consumer Staples -1.9% + 4.1%
OMXN Small Cap -1.5% + 6.1% Health Care -2.7% + 1.3%
First North EUR -1.4% - 2.4% Financials +1.8% + 4.8%
OMXBBPI +2.8% + 10.6% IT -1.8% +13.9%
Energy -2.3% +5.5% Telecom +2.4% +1.0%
Materials -2.6% + 5.6% Utilities +2.7% +10.8%

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