Saniona participates in new academic drug screening platform for cancer treatment

On November 7, 2015, Oncology Venture announced that it in collaboration with researchers at the University of Copenhagen and Saniona has published a poster at the AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics in Boston, announcing the establishment of a novel and unique cell line based drug-screening platform for cancer treatment.

Jørgen Drejer, CEO of Saniona comments: “Saniona’s is a leading ion channel innovation company. We have so far exploited our novel drug candidates mainly in the field of diseases in the central nervous system and in pain. Although there is a strong scientific rationale in potential cancer treatment, ion channel modulators have in general only been evaluated sporadically in these indications. Since Saniona has proprietary compounds with unique profiles and preliminary data relevant for potential cancer treatment, we will now together with our leading academic partners evaluate these classes of compounds in the novel cancer cell panel”.

The consortium has initiated the establishment of DEN-50R, a novel and unique cell line based drug-screening platform within cancer treatment. The NCI60 cell line panel is mostly derived from patients with no medical treatment. Over the years, the panel has been of significant value in contributing to the identification of new molecular mechanisms involved in cancer progression, and in creating new anti-cancer drugs. Early clinical trials of anti-cancer drugs most often recruit patients who have failed several different prior treatments. Therefore, there has been a need to develop a platform built on the concept underlying the NCI60 cell line panel, and extend it to allow testing of potential new drugs in the setting of drug resistance. For more information, please see attached poster.

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Saniona is a research and development company focused on drugs for diseases of the central nervous system, autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases and treatment of pain. The company has a significant portfolio of potential drug candidates at pre-clinical and clinical stage. The research is focused on ion channels, which makes up a unique protein class that enables and controls the passage of charged ions across cell membranes. Saniona has an ongoing collaboration agreement with Saniona’s Boston based spinout Ataxion Inc., which is financed by Atlas Venture Inc. and Biogen Idec Inc. Saniona is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, where it has a research center of high international standard and 18 employees. Saniona is listed at AktieTorget since April 2014 and has about 2,000 shareholders. The company’s share is traded under the ticker SANION. Read more at

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Saniona är ett forsknings- och utvecklingsbolag som bedriver läkemedelsutveckling av preparat som ska användas till sjukdomar i centrala nervsystemet, autoimmuna sjukdomar och behandling av smärta.