MEDTEC EUROPA 2013: WACKER lanserar silikongummi med växlande hårdhet för ortopediska industrin

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Munich, February 26, 2013 – WACKER, the Munich-based chemical group, will be unveiling a new silicone rubber of variable hardness for orthopedic and prosthetic applications at this year's MEDTEC Europe. SILPURAN® 2410 A/B, an addition-curing silicone, can be made harder or softer in the lower Shore A range by varying the mixing ratio of its two components. This gives manufacturers the flexibility to regulate the hardness of the elastomer during processing. SILPURAN® 2410 A/B lends itself to soft and elastic orthopedic products, such as shoe insoles, heel cushions and truss pads. MEDTEC Europe will be held in Stuttgart from February 26 – 28, 2013.

SILPURAN® 2410 consists of two components, A and B, which are usually mixed in a 1:1 ratio. That ratio yields a silicone elastomer with a Shore 00 hardness value of 50 (as per ASTM 2240, Type 00). However, the hardness of the elastomer can be varied within certain limits by changing the mixing ratio. Thus, a higher proportion of component B will yield a harder elastomer overall, while a higher proportion of component A will produce a softer elastomer.

This flexibility particularly benefits manufacturers of small runs. Whereas they would previously have needed to stock many different grades of silicone if they wanted to make products of different hardness, they now have in SILPURAN® 2410 A/B a product whose hardness can be flexibly adjusted to suit the intended application. Thus, a single silicone raw material is now capable of satisfying different specifications. Not only is this highly efficient, but it also saves money by cutting down on the number of different silicone raw materials that need to be stocked.

What is more, all SILPURAN® 2410 A/B elastomers can be freely combined and processed with each other. This also applies to elastomers of different Shore hardness values. Consequently, orthopedic products that are harder on the front than on the back (and vice versa) can be built up by casting in layers, for example.

SILPURAN® 2410 A/B has a low viscosity and is pourable, which is ideal for manual and semi-automated processes. Crosslinking occurs rapidly at elevated temperatures, and no byproducts are released. SILPURAN® 2410 A/B cures to a highly elastic, translucent elastomer. It is breathable and compatible with the skin. It possesses good damping properties and exerts a soft and gentle compressive effect. Candidate applications range from shoe insoles and heel cushions to truss pads, orthotic devices and liners for prostheses.

Like all products in the SILPURAN® series, SILPURAN® 2410 A/B is free of organic plasticizers and stabilizers, and has passed selected tests for biocompatibility according to ISO 10993 and US Pharmacopeia Class VI. The product is manufactured according to WACKER’s own Clean Operations standard and is filled and packaged in cleanroom conditions.

Visit WACKER at MEDTEC Europe 2013, Hall 1, Booth I02.

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