M4 Bus Lane Closure Comment from 247 Spares

The UK’s leading Car Parts website 247spares.co.uk comments on the closure of the M4 Bus Lane Alex Khan, Communications Director at 247spares.co.uk comments on the removal of the M4 bus lane: “The re-opening of the M4 bus lane to normal motorway traffic is great news for anyone who owns a car. It will be a welcome sight for thousands of motorists to see the bus lane signs removed and for traffic to flow more freely into the capital along one of our busiest motorways. “Since 1999, as anyone travelling in to London along the M4 will be able to testify, the bus lane was hardly ever in use and did nothing but cause long tail-backs that damaged the environment by increasing levels of congestion on a long stretch of the motorway.” Many motorists will be relieved about not having to sit in traffic on their commute to work each day as ‘stop-start’ driving in heavy traffic can significantly increase the wear and tear on specific car parts. Continues Mr Khan; “For motorists who have had the misfortune of sitting on the M4 next to an empty bus lane and whose cars may have suffered wear and tear as a result, it is possible to buy affordable car parts online at an affordable cost.” “With an inventory in excess of 9 million parts; whatever the make, age or model of your car at 247 Spares you can find the replacement car part for your exact needs online. Notes: For more information call Dale Lovell on dlovell@searchnewsmedia.co.uk. Tel: 01753 859 588 / 0779 1414 681 More on the M4 Bus Lane: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-11763882 247 Spares: Formed in 1999 247 Spares is the fastest growing car parts network in the UK, operating in 180 locations, with an inventory in excess of 9 million parts, including over 90,000 dismantled cars ranging from 1985 to the present day. The website www.247spares.co.uk is a Hitwise Top 10 ranking website for the Shopping and Classifieds – Automotive section.