2ND NOVEMBER 2010 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SUPADU LAUNCHES NEW HARRY POTTER SITE FOR BLOOMSBURY PUBLISHING Supadu Ltd, the company behind Supadu™, the new digital marketing platform for publishers, announced today that a deal has been signed with Bloomsbury Publishing for its new Harry Potter site. Supadu™ enables publishers to build websites quickly and easily using their own in house resources and without any technical expertise. The Bloomsbury Harry Potter website, has been built entirely with Supadu™, and the Bloomsbury Marketing team will use Supadu™ to manage the site after launch. Bloomsbury Head of Children's Marketing, Susannah Nuckey said: ‘The Supadu platform has allowed us to create a rich and compelling new website for the Harry Potter books with an unparalleled level of in-house content management. We are able to make changes to the site with ease, and entirely independent of an external agency.’ Supadu™ is made up of 30 customisable applications that enable the creative and marketing departments of publishing houses to create fully interactive and visually rich web pages without any dependency on 3rd parties. Web pages are easily customised through a drag and drop approach that allows users to put applications together in different combinations to produce a very large variety of layouts that have SEO-friendly coding, integration with standard metrics packages and access level control to ensure proper work flow procedures. Commenting on the Bloomsbury Harry Potter website and the Supadu™ deal with Bloomsbury, Mark Harvie-Watt, CTO and co-founder of Supadu Ltd, said, ‘We are excited about working with Bloomsbury on this project and we hope that building a site with Supadu for a property as important and well known as Harry Potter will bring this new technology to the attention of other publishers. It’s really made it possible for an industry with traditionally limited online marketing budgets to develop their web presence at web 2.0 speed without any dependence on webmasters, IT departments or technology agencies.’ -ENDS- Press Contact Supadu Ltd Sarah Arbuthnot Direct Line: 0207 471 8337 Mobile: 07917 162939