Société Européenne de Communication S.A. ('sec') sells part of its shares in Netcom ASA

SOCIÉTÉ EUROPÉENNE DE COMMUNICATION S.A. ("SEC") SELLS PART OF ITS SHARES IN NETCOM ASA Luxembourg, Frankfurt, New York, Stockholm - February 1, 2000 - Société Européenne de Communication ("SEC"), an alternative European telecommunications provider, today announced that it had sold 2,500,000 shares in NetCom ASA, a Norwegian mobile operator, for approximately Euro115.3 million, net of commissions. SEC acquired a 24.8% interest in NetCom ASA from NetCom AB in November 1999. Following a previous disposal of 3.7% in December 1999, this transaction represents a decrease in SEC's interest in NetCom ASA from 21.1% to 15.9%. Anders Björkman, President and CEO, comments, "The acquisition of the NetCom ASA shares provides SEC with a liquid asset with which to fund Tele2 Europe's expansion. This sale allows us to continue the expansion of the operations and to develop the value added components of our offering." SEC was formed to take advantage of the deregulation process taking place in the European telecommunications market. The companies which comprise SEC include: Tele2 Europe, providing national and international long distance telephony services in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy and Luxembourg; Transcom Europe providing customer care services and call centers; Tango, the GSM 900/DCS 1800 cellular license in Luxembourg providing a broad range of mobile telecommunication services; 3C Communications, operating public pay telephones and public Internet services and Transac, providing billing and transaction processing services. SEC has recently launched a number of new operations 3 including, C , and Intellinet. SEC A and SEC B shares are listed on: the Luxembourg Stock Exchange; the Nasdaq Stock market as ADS under the symbols SECAY and SECBY; the Frankfurt Stock exchange under the symbols SEN1 and SEN2 and the Stockholm Stock Exchange O-List under the symbols SECA and SECB. Contact: Anders Björkman Telephone: (352) 45 95 45 1 President & Chief Executive Officer Société Européenne de Communication S.A. SEC's web site is located at ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: