Communications security – not just a military issue. Sectra secures EU communications in the Aceh Province

The Swedish National Rescue Services has ordered Tiger telephones from Sectra to protect speech and data communications against eavesdropping. The telephones will be used on an EU mission in Indonesia’s conflict-ridden Aceh Province.

Violence and conflict has tortured the Aceh Province for nearly 30 years. However, in conjunction with the tsunami in December 2004, the Indonesian government and the GAM separatist guerilla movement agreed to negotiate a peace settlement between the parties. A peace agreement was signed in Helsinki on August 15 of this year and went into effect on September 15. The EU has been engaged as a neutral observer to monitor both parties’ compliance with the peace agreement. National Rescue Services handles telecommunications in Indonesia The Swedish National Rescue Services has participated in the EU international peacekeeping missions since Sweden became an EU member in 1995. On the EU’s mission in the Aceh Province, Sweden has been assigned the task of securing communications between the operation’s headquarters, local offices, mobile units and the EU headquarters in Brussels. “The EU highest decision-making organ, the EU Council, stipulates that a mission of this type must utilize approved speech encryption that is in compliance with EU standards for communications,” says Arne Jonsson, coordinator at the Swedish Emergency Management Agency section for information security and analysis. “Sectra has a secure telephone that is used by several Swedish authorities. This contributed to Sectra being selected as the supplier for this mission,” he adds. Sectra’s secure Tiger telephones are used by several defense forces and civilian authorities in Europe, as well as by NATO. “Sectra provides equipment for secure mobile communications that complies with the security levels required by defense forces and civilian authorities in the EU,” says Jan Donnér, head of the Swedish Defence Forces’ section for military intelligence and security. New demands on communications equipment strengthen market for Sectra’s products Increased collaboration between defense forces and civilian authorities in the EU places demands on communications equipment. For international help missions and crisis management, this type of secure communications, which traditionally has been a military concern, is also becoming crucial to civilian authorities, such as rescue services. “The National Rescue Services order for Tiger telephones is a typical example of how increased cooperation between civilian and military authorities in the EU is contributing to strengthening the market for our security products,” says Tommy Waszkiewicz, CEO of Sectra Communications AB.

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