Sectra launches new PACS release optimized for very large data sets

Sectra, a major provider of enterprise and imaging center PACS, is launching a new release of Sectra PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System). The new version provides enhanced capabilities for efficient image management of very large data sets.

The new Sectra PACS release 10.2 provides improved performance for workstation and server components. In addition, release 10.2 features integrated tools for advanced image management, such as Sectra’s powerful MPR/MIP package, as standard. “With release 10.2 customers will experience performance enhancements in every part of the system,” says Staffan Bergström, Vice President Marketing at Sectra Imtec. “We have greatly reduced the time to import a Multi-Slice CT stack and the time to display such a case. The first installations in Scandinavia, US and Japan prove that the system is robust and delivers the promised performance, not only in the labs but also in highly demanding real-world environments.” One of the first sites to use Sectra PACS release 10.2 in clinical operation is Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge in Sweden. “We currently have two MSCTs and, with Sectra’s release 10.2, we can really use these systems much better, regularly sending very large data sets to the PACS,” says Dr. Bo Persson, Chairman and Head of the Radiology Department of Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge. “The system is adapted to our high data-volume environment and helps us perform our work more productively and cost–effectively.” “Since we include an e-learning tool, it is easy for our customers to quickly become familiar with the product modifications without spending time and money on training,” says Staffan Bergström. Release 10.2 is free of charge for Sectra customers with software upgrade agreements.

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