Sectra launches new Tiger for secure telephony

Tomorrow, Sectra will launch a new mobile phone for secure telephony, Sectra Tiger 7401, which is as simple and easy to use as a commercial mobile phone. It has the same flexibility as Sectra’s Tiger XS voice enqryptor and support for such features as satellite communication. The product will be put on show for the first time at, the IT security trade show held on November 3-4 in the Netherlands.

Sectra’s products for secure telephony are used by decision-makers, agency and defense officials in 17 of Europe’s countries. Recently, the EU also put its faith in Sectra to provide all 27 heads of state with secure telephony using the Tiger system.

“Our new eavesdrop-secure mobile phone features the same high degree of safety and flexibility as our Tiger XS voice enqryptor, which is today’s de facto standard for secure telephony in the EU. The encryption systems in both products are compatible with each other, enabling our customers to deploy both solutions in the same organization and base their selection of product on the needs of the user,” says Michael Bertilsson, President of Sectra Communications.

Works nationally and in the EU and NATO

The new generation Sectra Tiger is under evaluation by Swedish and Dutch authorities for approval up to the highest classification level, SECRET, meaning information that could cause grave damage if disclosed. Sectra Tiger is intended for secure communication at a national level and within the EU and NATO.

Close customer collaboration

To ensure that the company’s products live up to the market’s requirements and demands, it was a natural move for Sectra to conduct product development in close collaboration with customers and users. The new generation Sectra Tiger was developed in cooperation with the Dutch and Swedish defense forces.

“Despite the extremely high technical level, Sectra Tiger is cunningly easy to use, which means that it fulfills our requirements for improvement and simplification for a certain type of user. This form of intimate supplier collaboration is important for us,” says a spokesperson for the Dutch security authority.

Sectra Tiger will be exhibited at, which will take place on November 3-4 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Meet Europe’s leading supplier of encrypted telephony at stand D135.

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Michael Bertilsson, President Sectra Communications AB, tel 46 (0)708-23 52 25

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Sectra develops and sells products for secure voice and data communications. The customers are primarily government authorities and defense departments in Europe with strict demands on communications security. Sectra has strong core expertise in encryption and is one of the world's leading companies in the design and development of secure communications systems. 

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