Securitas` employee convertible debenture loan of MSEK 700 over subscribed

Securitas` General Meeting on January 8, 1998, decided to offer all employees in the Securitas Group, with deviation from the shareholders` preferential rights, to subscribe for convertible debentures in Securitas AB. The five-year debenture loan was limited to a maximum of 2,201,257 shares at 318 SEK each, in total MSEK 700.

The maximum amount has, according to the general meetings` decision, been distributed over approximately 2,200 employees in eleven countries in lots of 30 shares up to 15,720 shares. The debenture loan implies a dilution of approximately 3 percent of the total number of shares in Securitas.

Further information may be obtained from Håkan Winberg, Vice President and CFO, and Camilla Weiner, Investor Relations Manager, telephone +46 8 657 74 00.

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