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    It’s easy to lose perspective – not least women’s perspectives – when the majority of technical developers are men. Because if people don’t see a product as problematic, there’s not all that much chance of them changing it. For us at Semcon, understanding end-users of all kinds is crucial so that we can develop products that benefit people as much as possible.
    Markus Granlund, CEO of Semcon
    As part of this partnership, Semcon is supplying test concepts, production equipment, installation and commissioning for semi-automatic trial production of fuel cells. This is an incredibly exciting project with fantastic potential.
    Thomas Lydhig, technical project manager at Semcon
    Our in-depth knowledge of the entire product development cycle gives us a turnkey offering that is unique. Moreover, we can take our experience of other industries and apply it in the field of Life Science. But above all, human needs and behaviours always come first as far as we are concerned. This is a prerequisite for success.
    Markus Granlund, President and CEO
    David Sondén, General Manager Sweden of the Product Information division at Semcon
    Combined with our expertise in product information, our collaboration will create new opportunities for our customers and their end users. AR makes it even easier to support for instance service technicians by visualizing and sharing information in the right way and at the right time.
    We concluded the first six months of the year with a good second quarter during which we more than doubled our operating profit compared with the corresponding quarter in 2017.
    Markus Granlund, President and CEO
    This project will give us the opportunity to operate in a wider context and look at a system solution where our cutting-edge technical expertise from previous projects will come in very handy. We will also help to ensure that more cyclists can cycle safely.
    Anne Piegsa, team manager
    Children who come to Sweden unaccompanied and are placed in social care are incredibly vulnerable. The idea is to develop a technical solution that can help these children to understand and communicate with Swedish society more easily. This project is a clear example of how technology can make a difference when we focus on people’s needs.
    Karin Eklund, Head of User Experience at Semcon
    It’s about including women’s perspectives on products that have traditionally been developed using men as the benchmark. I believe that more perspectives are necessary and would benefit us all.
    Markus Granlund, president and CEO of Semcon
    Through our focus on measures to strengthen margins in business development, productivity and cost efficiency, we can report strong earnings for the first quarter.
    Markus Granlund, President and CEO
    With the extended knowledge from multiple industries and a solid service offering, from both HAAS-Publikationen and Semcon operations globally, we will become an even stronger partner to both existing and future customers with this acquisition.
    Markus Granlund, President and CEO of Semcon
    Red Dot is a quality hallmark denoting good design, and it is a prestigious award to win. In both award-winning projects, customers with lofty ambitions came to Semcon and relied on our design expertise. We then worked together on the entire product chain, from the user perspective to design and construction. This is the way to make a truly outstanding product
    Martin Andersson, Business Manager Design at Semcon
    Karin Russberg, Director HR and Sustainability at Semcon
    It is gratifying to see that our work is appreciated by the engineers of the future. At Semcon, we work constantly to show potential employees what we represent. It is important that we live up to what we promise in the talent market, and the high commitment of our employees is an important piece of the puzzle in our credibility and attractiveness.
    Autonomous snowploughs will allow airports all over the world to streamline their activities and reduce delays for their passengers. This is a good example of how autonomous vehicles can increase profitability and add value for people.
    Markus Granlund, CEO at Semcon
    Our ability to create excellent customer experience through the use of smart technology provides a good foundation for both sought-after offerings and as an attractive workplace.
    Markus Granlund, President and CEO
    It’s with great pleasure we have managed to come to this long term agreement with DeLaval. It strengthens our position and it will create a very good platform to deliver and develop information solutions for DeLaval.
    Anders Johnson, Department manager, Graphics, Service & Owners' Information, Semcon
    In Olof Christensson, Semcon has recruited a person with extensive experience of business development. Semcon has the ambition of further developing Design & Development’s current business and focus on international growth. We are confident that Olof has the experience to lead the business area’s expansion and we welcome him to Semcon.
    Markus Granlund, CEO of the Semcon Group
    We are proud to have once again been entrusted by one of our German auto customers to complete a major project. This agreement is fully in line with Semcon’s strategy of being an independent partner with expertise and capacity for complete car development. It´s our knowledge of project deliveries, experience of complete car projects, and long-term relationship with the customer, that were contributory factors for this agreement
    Stefan Ohlsson, President Automotive R&D, Semcon
    Our ambition is to create a new office that promotes personal interaction and is cost-effective. It will also be suitable for projects, which is a business model that is continually increasing
    Markus Granlund, CEO Semcon
    We can now bring Semcon’s strong offer and track record in product information solutions and services to the German market and use Comet as a platform for rapid growth in Germany
    Johan Ekener, Business area manager Informatic
    German manufacturers are strong in the global automotive industry and it is pleasing to us that we have signed new contracts in this market. The deal also confirms the trend of automotive OEM choosing to outsource larger projects to independent engineering development companies
    Stefan Ohlsson, President Automotive R&D
    The positive trend we saw in the first quarter continued in the second quarter resulting in improved results compared to last year. Our focus on more markets and more profitable business models is giving results for Semcon and our customers. We continue to look positively at developments in 2012 even though the economic outlook is uncertain.
    CEO Markus Granlund
    Semcon was set up at Trollhättan in 1985 and we see major opportunities for further expansion by taking advantage of the expertise that exists in the region
    Stefan Ohlsson, Business area manager Automotive R&D at Semcon
    I’m looking forward, together with my colleagues, to get the opportunity to continue developing Semcon’s global business
    Markus Granlund, New CEO at Semcon
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