Semcon launches next generation of project methodology, XLPM

Semcon has developed and launches a new type of project methodology, XLPM - Excellence in Project Management - based on the proven PROPS methodology. Amongst other things, XLPM boasts simplified functionality, a new user interface and is of course compliant with current standards and methodologies for managing portfolios, programs and projects.


PROPS, which is a registered trademark owned by Ericsson, is one of the leading methodologies in the field of project management and is used all over the world. Within the framework of Semcon's cooperation with Ericsson, the new generation of PROPS is being launched for non-Ericsson users under the name XLPM.

Ease of use and the ability to adapt the methodology to individual needs are vital in project work, and these are some of XLPM’s benefits. Experience and observations from working with PROPS and a number of other methodologies and standards, have been a major factor in developing XLPM.

“Customers who have already tested the new project methodology think that XLPM is very easy to use and that it works very well with their organizations,” says Patrik Bergström, President of Semcon Project Management. “Several customers have purchased XLPM before the actual launch.”

Ove Lundgren at Vattenfall, who is already working with XLPM, agrees that it is user-friendlier. “XLPM is easier to work with, as you start working at a general overview level, making it easier to understand,” he says. “XLPM has also strengthened areas such as Portfolio Management and has added Program Management. It is in these areas that we will reap the benefits at Vattenfall, with our major projects,” explains Ove, who was involved in the decision to choose XLPM for Vattenfall's thousands of users.

Other customers who have already purchased XLPM are the Swedish Transport Administration, Swedish Radio, Gävle municipality and Folkia.

In addition to XLPM licenses, Semcon also offers consulting and training packages for XLPM.

XPLM is a version of Ericsson's PROPS methodology and is developed and owned by Semcon. PROPS is owned by Ericsson.

Patrik Bergström, President, Semcon Project Management AB, +46 (0)736 840 300
Steffi Triest, Managing Director, Semcon Project Management AB, +49 17 23 78 14 90
Anders Atterling, IR Manager, Semcon AB, +46 (0)704 472 819

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