Sensavis Launches The 3D Classroom App Aimed at Engaging and Motivating Students

Interactive app helps learn biology, geography, physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering

Sensavis, a market leader in developing interactive 3D visualizations, has today announced the launch of its first fully interactive app. The 3D Classroom Win 10 app is a visual learning tool aimed at teachers, principals and school leaders to help motivate and engage students to achieve better results and understanding of complex subjects.

With interactive and realistic visualizations, users are able to navigate through six subject modules including; biology, geography, physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering. The app aims to make complex subjects easier to understand with each module adaptable to suit the individual student or class’ needs.

Fredrik Olofsson, CEO & President from Sensavis comments: “We are thrilled to be delivering The 3D Classroom for the first time in an app format. The application was first envisioned to help teachers and students collectively work together to make complex and abstract subjects more digestible and easier to understand.”

Fredrik continues: “Since we first launched The 3D Classroom in 2013 we have been able to work with a number of fantastic education institutions across the USA, Europe and Asia. We have seen first hand the positive impact the software has had on students and teachers alike. In the space of just a few years we are excited to have been able to condense this platform into an accessible app without losing the integrity or depth of information.”

Originally launched in 2013 and currently used by hundreds of schools in Europe, USA and Asia, the new app has launched exclusively in the Windows Store and is available for all Windows 10 devices, including PCs, tablets and the Microsoft Surface Hub.

“Some of the best learning happens by immersing students in a subject and letting them fully experience it beyond what they read in a textbook. With The 3D Classroom Win 10 app, Sensavis is providing educators with a valuable tool to engage and empower students in new ways,” said Anthony Salcito, Vice President, Worldwide Education, Microsoft.

Len Scrogan is the Adjunct Professor for the University of Colorado-Denver and Lesley University and a visualization expert with over 20 years experience working within education management. Following the release of the app, he comments: “Moving The 3D Classroom from the classroom screen to mobility learning with the app is a welcome step for visualization—it speaks to the personalization of technology that we expect in the future. Only it’s here today.”

The 3D Classroom Win 10 App is available on PC and Tablet from $399 per year excl VAT. For more information, visit:

About Sensavis

Since 2008, the Swedish company Sensavis has developed market-leading, fully-interactive 3D visualizations with the mission to increase learning. In September 2013, Sensavis launched The 3D Classroom, a learning tool for all schools and all students that increases motivation and learning in the classroom by making the complex easier to understand. The educator freely directs the interactive, realistic visualizations and can adjust the class to the student body. The tool does not contain text or sound and is not limited to any curriculum. The 3D Classroom is currently used by hundreds of schools in Europe, the US and Asia.