Tanglin Trust School recognises the importance of visual learning to increase learning in the classroom

Tanglin Trust School (Tanglin) first out in Singapore to implement the innovative & leading visual education tool The 3D Classroom

Sweden based company, Sensavis AB, successfully launches their unique and highly acclaimed educational product called ‘The 3D Classroom’ into the Asian market by immediately signing Tanglin as their first customer on the Singapore market.

Sensavis, with successes entering the European market as well as the US market with their flagship product The 3D Classroom, has recently taken the decision to enter the Asian market.

Peter Derby-Crook, Chief Executive Officer at Tanglin says: “We are very excited by the potential of 3D technology to help students to visualise and explore complex systems, such as the human body.  Tanglin embraces new technology wherever it supports and enhances the learning experience for our students and we feel that Sensavis have developed a software tool which will integrate very well with our approach to teaching and learning.  We are very much looking forward to working with Sensavis as we begin to use ‘The 3D classroom’ in our Junior and Senior Schools.”

Fredrik Olofsson, President & CEO at Sensavis AB continues: “We know, based on our customer feedback from Europe & US, that The 3D Classroom has a positive impact on motivation and learning in the classroom, at all schools and for all ages of students. Now that we enter the Asian market through Singapore we are very proud that such a prestigious school as Tanglin has decided to become our first Singapore based customer. We are truly excited in welcoming Tanglin as our customer moving forward.

About Tanglin Trust School: Tanglin Trust School has 90 years’ experience of providing a British-based education to the international community in Singapore. Tanglin is a vibrant co-educational school with an enrolment of over 2,770 students aged from 3 to 18 years.  Learning is based on the English National Curriculum. Tanglin is unique amongst international schools in Singapore in offering both A Levels and the International Baccalaureate in Sixth Form. Pastoral care is a key strength of the school along with high levels of achievement.

About Sensavis:  The Swedish company Sensavis AB has since 2009 developed market leading high quality and fully interactive 3D visualizations.  The purpose has always been to increase learning.   In September 2013 Sensavis launched the first version of The 3D Classroom, a teacher centric software product for all schools and all ages of students that increase motivation and learning in the classroom.