The 3D Classroom 5.0 dives into the building blocks of life

Sensavis today announced the latest version of The 3D Classroom, the visual learning tool that helps all the students in the classroom to become more motivated and involved and to achieve good results. Version 5.0 goes deeper into the cell, DNA and lung functions. This content has been developed together with experts from the Ministry of Education, Singapore, a collaboration that has also led to scenes showing the negative effects of smoking on the lungs. The mathematics module has been updated with the volume of a cone and pyramid.

“What sets The 3D Classroom apart is that the direction of development is directly correlated to existing challenges in school, thanks to our users. Educators currently using our product let us know what subjects they are difficulty explaining to their students and want help explaining with visual aids. Sensavis takes that information and, with the help of experts, we develop new content that all customers get access to. In this latest version we’ve worked closely with the Ministry of Education, Singapore, to produce content we think schools all over the world will benefit from”, says Fredrik Olofsson, CEO and President, Sensavis.

The 3D Classroom 5.0 also comes with several technological improvements to improve the user experience. One of the improvements is that the product itself will discover new updates and notify the user who can chose how and when these updates should be installed.

The 3D Classroom contains subject modules for biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, geography and engineering. The educator navigates freely through the interactive, realistic visualizations and, using their own words and pedagogy, can adapt the lesson to suit the students. With the optional video recording feature, educators or school districts can record their own teaching tools based on the high quality content. These can be used for flipped classrooms and subject related peer learning. The 3D Classroom does not contain text or sound and is not limited to any curriculum. It is currently used at all levels of education, from kindergarten to university in over 30 countries.

The content in The 3D Classroom grows through a customer-driven development process. Participants include educational institutions from all over the world, including Aldar Academies in the United Arab Emirates, Nevada State College and Wilson County Schools in the USA, the Tanglin Trust School in Singapore, the Ministry of Education, Singapore and more than 300 schools in Sweden.

About Sensavis
Since 2008, the Swedish company Sensavis has developed market-leading, fully-interactive 3D visualizations – its mission has always been to increase learning. In September 2013, Sensavis launched The 3D Classroom, a software product for all schools and all ages of students that increases motivation and learning in the classroom. The 3D Classroom is currently used by hundreds of schools in Europe, the US and Asia.