The 3D Classroom becomes Sensavis

Sensavis rebrands their flagship interactive education offering

Sensavis, a market leader in developing interactive 3D visualizations, unveils a new brand identity and change of name for its visual learning tool, The 3D Classroom to Sensavis in order to reflect the company’s evolution.

Originally launched in 2013 and currently used by hundreds of schools in Europe, USA, and Asia, the Sensavis visual learning tool is aimed at teachers, principals, and school leaders to help motivate and engage students to achieve better results and understanding of complex subjects.

Fredrik Olofsson, CEO and President of Sensavis, comments: “When our product was first launched, it was a tool that teachers used for just 10 minutes a day to start a lesson.

Today, the visual learning tool is used in classrooms to teach, but also to create flipped classroom videos. Most importantly, teachers can activate the students by letting them work directly with Sensavis. By exploring, examining, cooperating, and creating, students can deepen and broaden their learning.”

Olofsson adds: “This change means that Sensavis has become a key ingredient for many schools in developing their students’ 21st century skills, taking them from passive consumers to active producers. We have undergone a journey both from a business and technical perspective in making this transition and we wanted to reflect the evolution of our company and product with an updated brand identity.”

With interactive and realistic visualizations, Sensavis visual learning tool has six core modules including; biology, geography, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and engineering. The software is flexible, interactive, and doesn’t require the teacher to use any specific terminology since it does not contain text or voice-overs.

About Sensavis

Sensavis is a Swedish company offering a high quality visualization software for the education sector. Our mission is to give educators tools that enable all students to reach their full potential. Our product, Sensavis Visual Learning Tool, includes all students in the learning process by making the complex easy, and by making learning fun and exciting. Launched in September 2013, it is currently used in over 36 countries and 550 schools, reaching more than 220 000 students.