Senzime presents clinical study with OneSenz

Uppsala, Sweden, 23 June 2015. Senzime AB (publ) today announces that the company's analytical instrument, OneSenz, is evaluated in clinical research, the purpose of which was to demonstrate OneSenz’s capacity to monitor glucose levels automatically and continuously during glucose load in individuals in a research study. The evaluation has been undertaken in collaboration with Uppsala University and was completed during the spring 2015.

Senzime develops the analytical instrument, OneSenz, which automatically and continuously monitors the patient's blood-sugar level online. The instrument’s reliability and being user-friendly are already well documented. The recently completed study focused on the benefits of continuous measurement of blood glucose levels in healthy volunteers in various types of research conditions, such as sleep. The results of the study comfirm the usefulness of continuous monitoring in clinical research.

Existing research shows that people with sleep deprivation may develop insulin resistance. Today glucose samples often are drawn manually every half hour during glucose load while OneSenz allows the researcher to study the effects of the test in detail, providing multiple data and detailed change-and-trend information.

"The need to continuously monitor glucose levels is pressing, both in medical research and development in universities and pharmaceutical companies, where external factors affecting sugar metabolism may lead to the development of new drugs or therapies," says Lena Söderström, CEO of Senzime AB.

"Sleep deprivation may affect insulin sensitivity and therefore it is very important to measure the glucose in our research studies. Sleep deprivation can eventually cause Type 2 diabetes and obesity. By continuously monitoring blood sugar levels in research the whole glucose curve, rather than single glucose values, can be analyzed, "says Jonathan Cedernaes, physician and researcher at Uppsala University.

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Senzime develops and markets analytical instruments and related disposable products, enabling automated, continuous monitoring of vital substances including glucose (sugar), in biological fluids. Senzime has two platforms for continuously monitoring glucose and lactate – BioSenz in biotech environment and OneSenz for continuous patient-monitoring. Via microdialysis in tissue or blood Senzime offers a complete system enabling continuous monitoring which is critical to detect post- surgery complications. The company's share is listed on Aktietorget since 2008.

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Senzime develops unique patient-oriented monitoring systems that make it possible to assess patients' biochemical and physiological processes before, during and after surgery. The portfolio of technologies includes bedside systems that enable automated and continuous monitoring of life-critical substances such as glucose and lactate in both blood and tissues, as well as systems to monitor patients’ neuromuscular function perioperatively and in the intensive care medicine setting. The solutions are designed to ensure maximum patient benefit, reduce complications associated with surgery and anesthesia, and decrease health care costs. Senzime operates in growing markets that in Europe and the United States are valued in excess of SEK 10 billion. The company's shares are listed on Nasdaq First North (ticker SEZI). FNCA is Certified Adviser for Senzime.


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