Alex and Ani Selects Bank of America as its Long-Term Banking Partner

PROVIDENCE, RI (May 31, 2012) – Alex and Ani, Inc. has chosen Bank of America in order to support and grow its many retail operations domestically and worldwide. Furthermore, as Rhode Island’s fastest growing company, all operations in Alex and Ani’s vertical will be supported by the bank’s many financial instruments now in place. As a result of this new partnership, manufacturing and corporate expansion is now underway throughout the state.

“As we spread positive energy around the world and help make ‘Made in America’ once again a promise of uncompromised quality, we will seek partners whose strength, reach, and commitment to the ideals we champion are unsurpassed,” said company CEO, Giovanni Feroce. “We’re partnering with a company deeply rooted in tradition and eager to join us as we help the economies of our state and nation to prosper. We have found such a partner in Bank of America.”

“Alex and Ani is quickly becoming a well-known national brand, expanding their positive energy and eco-friendly fashion to cities across the country,” said Bill Hatfield, Bank of America Rhode Island president. “We look forward to building a tremendous partnership with Giovanni, Carolyn and the entire Alex and Ani team in the coming years.”

Designer Carolyn Rafaelian, Owner and President of Alex and Ani, added, “Bank of America is Alex and Ani’s bank, and we’re proud of it.”


About Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani, Inc. offers eco-friendly, positive energy products created by Designer Carolyn Rafaelian, Owner and President. Alex and Ani is synonymous with Made in America. Its World Headquarters are located in the Greater Providence, Rhode Island area, where its products are designed, manufactured, and assembled using recycled local materials. Carolyn believes that every individual has a positive message to share with the world and that, by incorporating powerful symbolism and design into each positive energy piece, Alex and Ani provides a vehicle for wearers to express their individuality. An Inc. 500 Company, Alex and Ani has retail stores in addition to retail partners both domestically and internationally. Please visit for more information.



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