Anthony Gemma Would Hold, David Cicilline Would Lose RI 1st Congressional Seat for Democrats...

According to Roll Call and The Hill Independent Political Analyses                                                                                           

PAWTUCKET, RI – Two widely respected Washington, D.C.-based political news e-publications – Roll Call and The Hill– independently have posted cogent analyses of the race between Anthony Gemma and incumbent David Cicilline for the Democratic nomination for Congress from Rhode Island’s 1st District. Their conclusions are identical:

  • David Cicilline likely would lose in the General Election to Republican Brendan Doherty.
  • Anthony Gemma likely would defeat Doherty and hold the Rhode Island 1stDistrict for the Democratic Party.

Writing in “At the Races,” Roll Call’s political blog, Abby Livingston noted, “Under normal circumstances, the [Rhode Island] 1st district is solidly Democratic. But based on Cicilline’s troubles, Roll Call rates this race as a Tossup. If he were to lose the primary, Democrats would likely be favored to hold the seat.” [emphasis added] ( )

Cameron Joseph, in The Hill’s campaign blog “Ballot Box,” wrote, “National Democrats might be quietly rooting for Gemma to win — if he does, the seat is likely safely Democratic, while many on both sides of the aisle say Cicilline could lose the general election to Republican Brendan Doherty.” [emphasis added] ( )

Both pieces were published on May 17 and include references to and analyses of the most recent WPRI-TV poll of likely Democratic voters in Rhode Island’s 1stDistrict.

“Seasoned, non-partisan political observers on the national level are now declaring what is glaringly obvious to everyone in Rhode Island,” said Anthony Gemma. “David Cicilline is the only person in America who can deliver our state’s 1stDistrict’s congressional seat to the Republican Party.

Gemma continued, “Voters are saying, in effect, enough is enough. Voters see in me an accomplished businessman who has created jobs in the private sector and who is the only candidate in this race to offer a Jobs Plan – one that can create 10,000 new jobs in five years. And they also know me to be an honorable man who tells the truth.”

Gemma said that he will be traveling out of state over the next few weeks to meet with influential Democrats

“These individuals and many others realize that I am the Democrat with liberal and even progressive credentials who can keep Rhode Island’s 1stDistrict a ‘blue’ District,” Gemma said. “My support of gay marriage and gay rights is unconditional. My pledges to preserve and strengthen Roe v. Wade and otherwise stand as a staunch advocate of women’s reproductive rights are unconditional. My commitments to create jobs, find ways around congressional gridlock, and make our tax system fair are unconditional.

“So, too, is my promise to reinvent the way in which a member of Congress does the people’s business,” added Gemma. “There is too much at stake for our state and our country to allow things to remain as they are.”



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