Disney Partners with Alex and Ani Launch Exclusive Charm Bangles Designed for Disney Properties

CRANSTON, RI (May 9) – Giovanni Feroce, CEO of Alex and Ani, Inc., today announced that Disney Theme Park Merchandise has partnered with Alex and Ani to create four new flat charm expandable wire bangles. The Disney bangles will be available for purchase exclusively at the Disney domestic properties, Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

The four initial expandable bangle charms include the timeless icons Mickey, Minnie, and the Disneyland and Disney World Castles. Alex and Ani is one of few branded companies to partner with Disney at the Disney properties.

“Walt Disney has been an incredibly powerful source for the spread of positive energy throughout the world,” said Mr. Feroce. “Everyone at Alex and Ani has been touched by the warmth and genius of Mr. Disney and all that he and his successors have created. To have the opportunity to work with Disney is, for all of us, a fantasy come true.”

Designer Carolyn Rafaelian, Owner and President noted that, “Partnering with the force of nature known as ‘Disney’ is a humbling experience. Simultaneously I feel like a child, full of wonder, and like an adult who has never given up wishing on a star.”

Mr. Feroce added, “Walt Disney the man, like his Disney Corporation, embodies both the American Dream and the ‘Made in America’ commitment to excellence. So too, I would submit, do Carolyn Rafaelian and Alex and Ani. With global reach and universal appeal, our creative output will have an enormous positive impact. We’re combining the power of positive energy with the power of the mouse.”

The Alex and Ani partnership with Disney allows the exclusive Disney Charm Bangles be sold at Disney properties only beginning May 9. Available in two color finishes, Russian Gold and Russian Silver, the bangles are affordably priced at $35.95 and made from recycled materials.


About Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani, Inc. offers eco-friendly, positive energy-infused products that adorn the body, enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit, designed by Carolyn Rafaelian and made in America. Carolyn’s design aesthetic underscores the idea that what is pure and natural is most beautiful. Alex and Ani’s products are entirely designed, sourced, and assembled in America because of Carolyn’s strong belief in the quality and value of the “Made in America” product. Reusing and recycling materials in the creation of her products is an integral part of Carolyn’s mission as an eco-conscious designer. Please visit www.alexandani.com for more information.



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