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7th August 2013

Clearing Student Was Determined to Study at BGU

Trainee teacher Siobhan Jarvis was so determined to study at Bishop Grosseteste University that she rejected an offer from another institution and entered the Clearing process in order to secure a place.

Siobhan (20) from Peterborough hoped to be accepted onto the Primary Education course at BGU, but on results day three years ago she found out her grades weren’t quite high enough.

She had enough points for a place on a Primary Education course at another university but her first choice was BGU, so she and her family called the Clearing call centre in Lincoln.

“I’d wanted to come to BGU since an open day I attended in year 12,” said Siobhan. “I really liked the ethos of it all and how BGU upheld the value of teaching, and I definitely didn’t want to go anywhere else.

“When I got through to the Clearing call centre and discussed my grades I was told I couldn’t get onto the Primary Education course, but I was offered a place on the Education Studies and Special Educational Needs and Inclusion course.

“I accepted the offer without really thinking about it! I’d come across special needs during placements and work experience that I’d done. I’d enjoyed special needs work but I’d never come across it in a university course.”

Siobhan graduated last month and enjoyed her degree so much that she’s now staying at Bishop Grosseteste University to take her PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) to enable her to become a qualified teacher.

“I really couldn't have studied anywhere else and there's nowhere I'd rather do my PGCE!” she said. “I’m actually glad that I studied a subject rather than a general education course as it’s opened more doors to me.

“I’ll be starting my PGCE in September and when I’ve qualified I would like to work as a special educational needs co-ordinator in a Lincoln school. A lot of my school friends studied at BGU and I want to stay in Lincoln as I love the city.”

Siobhan says students who don’t quite get the grades they need for their first choice university should keep their options open and not be disheartened.

“Going into Clearing is no indication of your ability because I still graduated with a 2:1,” she said.

“Even if you don’t end up at the uni you wanted I know some people who came to BGU through Clearing and they had a fantastic university experience.”

A level results day this year is Thursday 15th August 2013. The Clearing hotline number for UCAS applicants is 01522 583698.

Bishop Grosseteste University will be holding an open day for Clearing applicants on Friday 16th August 2013.

For information online visit

Clearing Opened Doors for Georgina

Finding a place through Clearing wasn’t easy for 20-year-old Georgina Morton, but looking back she says the process opened new doors for her.

Georgina, from Manchester, had wanted to enrol on the Early Childhood Studies degree at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln, but when she received her A-level results she found she hadn’t made the grade.

She picked up the phone and began calling all the universities she had applied for, and on the second day of Clearing she had a call from BGU offering her a place on the university’s Heritage Studies course.

“I was put through a phone interview process and I was actually the very last person to get a place on that course,” said Georgina.

“Finding out my grades and going into Clearing was a very stressful and emotional process, but once you start it can go quite smoothly. You just have to be proactive and not give up hope.”

Georgina will begin her final year in September and says applying through Clearing turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

“I really enjoy my course, as it’s full of new challenges and opportunities,” she said. “I love BGU and when I didn’t get on to the course I’d hoped for I was gutted. But it’s funny how things work out – despite the fact I came here through Clearing I feel like I fit in here and I can’t picture myself anywhere else.”

Georgina’s advice for students who go into Clearing is simple: don’t waste time – take action!

“You can very easily get bogged down by feeling sorry for yourself, but there’s no point wasting too much time crying about it. At the end of the day if you want something you have to go and get it.

“That’s what I did: be pro-active, and don’t rule out any course or uni. If someone offers you a place and you think you can handle the workload, go for it! The sky’s the limit.

“I know if you’re going through Clearing everything you want feels so far off, but it’s not – you just have to be brave enough to go and get it! You have to believe in yourself; if you don’t then who will?”

After graduating next year Georgina hopes to forge a career in the heritage sector. She already volunteers with a number of organisations, including Bishop Grosseteste University, because she wants to give something back.

“I’m a student rep and a student ambassador at BGU and next year I will be President of the First Aid Society,” said Georgina. “I do things like this for BGU as I am grateful to the university; after all, they gave me a chance to prove myself when no one else would. They helped me so I do my best to give back and help them.”

A level results day this year is Thursday 15th August 2013. The Clearing hotline number for UCAS applicants is 01522 583698.

Bishop Grosseteste University will be holding an open day for Clearing applicants on Friday 16th August 2013.

For information online visit

Notes to editors:

  • Bishop Grosseteste University was established in January 1862 and celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2012.
  • It is an independent higher education institution based in Lincoln which awards its own degrees at foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate level.
  • It changed its name from Bishop Grosseteste University College to Bishop Grosseteste University in November 2012.

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